Suitcase Advice, I Know It’s Boring, But Don’t Become a Victim!

The boring old suitcase, I never thought I would be writing an article on something so unexciting and trivial. A few weeks ago I flew on a UK internal flight, from Aberdeen to Heathrow. Nothing too different during this journey, the usual BMI delay at the start of the flight.

The fun began when it was time to collect the luggage, all i can say is that someone working within the baggage handling at Heathrow must have been annoyed about something! As I was patiently waiting for my bag, I couldn’t help but notice there were not one but three suitcases that had been busted open and all the contents were coming along the conveyor belt. Another guy was almost in tears as he discussed the damage that had been done to his new very expensive hard silver Samsonite suitcase on its first journey.

I personally had a bad suitcase experience last year, when I was flying back from Barbados. A suitcase owned by some bright spark, had at some point during my suitcases journey started to leak on to mine. It was a disgusting and stinking liquid that had penetrated my bag, which may well have been from fish. Some paper documents which were in the suitcase, had been destroyed, luckily I had copies held online. My suitcase was obviously not water proof.

So what is the best kind of suitcase to travel with? A hard one, or one of those fabric ones, with wheels or without wheels?

The good thing about hard suitcases is that they are obviously waterproof and the contents shouldn’t get too squashed during the journey. The downside to hard suitcases is that they seem to get scratched, knocked and are more easily damaged. They also generally don’t stand up to wear and tear as good as fabric ones. I must admit I have in the past owned a hard suitcase which was damaged beyond repair during a flight.

Fabric suitcases are generally long lasting and hard wearing. Your contents in a fabric suitcase will of course get squashed, knocked and generally damaged over the course of travel. I must admit I have in the past owned a fabric suitcase which was damaged beyond repair during a flight.

You can generally get a good quality fabric suitcase, which will be good for 100 trips. Do look at the zippers, as they can be easily opened for the contents to come out easily. Also ensure you take a repair kit with you, as well as a small sewing kit for Wearn’s, if you are a frequent traveller.

If you are going on holidays for quite a few days, you may like to consider a hard cover suitcase which will provide more security for your valuables. Although they do have a few zippers, they are by no means indestructible.

Try and think ahead, when you are buying a suitcase, whether it is a soft cover or hard, as they do vary in durability. If you don’t want to buy a fabric one, you should be able to pick up a suitcase which has a hard case, which should be good enough for your requirements.

One last thing, try and buy a suitcase which has wheels! It makes it much easier to move your suitcase around. And having a rolling suitcase really makes it easier to get through the airport and hotel at your destination, squashed in between conveyor belts and luggage belts bustling with other holiday makers!

Follow these tips if you want to make the most of your next holiday!

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