hilarious Costa Rica travel jokes

Costa Rica travel is an extremely beautiful and exotic place. In fact, mainstream travel to Costa Rica is a gorgeous experience because of the travel options the country offers. From adventure sports to scuba diving to horseback riding, the country has it all. However, some humor material isn’t included in the standard vacation packages. Be sure to pack a lighthearted travel shirt when you book your Costa Rica travel trip.

The Floristique

The Floristique is definitely a must-see when you visit Costa Rica. The flower festival is celebrated every March and is a real spectacle. Although the festival is a little later than usual during spring, the pink and white blossom season is celebrated in a different way. After the colors peak, the tallest natals compete in a walk of beauty. No need to supply your own peep-hole as the best natals each have a hand-held mirror.

Nativity Scene

While the Spring and Easter holidays might be more your speed, if you’re planning on traveling to Costa Rica in late summer, the Nativity scene is sure to please all ages in your party. The most photographed moment in the world is the one where thousands of stunt-flying experts Dame and drowned in chocolate. Other beach Nativity scenes are plentiful as well, but the Christi Mat needed the most props. Showcases of this propule are common in front of restaurants and resorts.

Tryst with Popoyo

The island of Popoyo is definitely worth a memorable stop on your Costa Rica travel. With its untouched beauty and Caribbean atmosphere, it is a great place to make friends with the locals. One of the most interesting ways to get there is by hitchhiking, but if you’re not too skilled at putting up with nature, it is probably best to go the easy way out and use Popoyo’s ferry system.

Tamarindo by Night

Despite the laid back atmosphere of the beach, Tamarindo is a great place to go if you want to enjoy a night of celebration. Here, you can enjoy a bar or dance the night away at the secondly last step on the globally acclaimed dance floor, “La Playita.” The liveliest night spots in Costa Rica can seem here, but that doesn’t mean the city’s bars don’t work as perfectly well. If you’re seeking some salsa music without the pupil, Tamarindo is the perfect place to visit.

Before sunset,Costa Rica, takes on a whole new personality. The city becomes a bustling market place after dark, but if you try to drive through it, you’ll be able to see it at a more exotic level. You will find yourself lost in a city that seems to be in a different time zone. There are quaint stores selling everything from Mexican spices to toys, arts and crafts, and of course, street food. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves, sit back, and enjoy as these markets go on around you.


Verano is Costa Rica’s haute couture jewel. Aside from its Teatro Nacional with its opera and ballet, it has some of the most upscale retailers in the area. The fashion police have reportedly been seen shopping there. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in this lovely city, you can shop on the Plaza Laeking Street as much as you like. If you’re a flea market junkie like me, you can grab whatever you like, but keep in mind that most items sell at half price on the last day of the week.

Caribbean Carnival

The Caribbean Carnival is known all over the globe as a great place to see popular acts from popular music groups. The place iscca for locals and tourists alike. If you’ve never been to the place, you can expect classic celebration with plenty of food, drink, dancing, and a lot of celebration.

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