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Describing Clothes and Actions . Learn English

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This video teaches how to describe clothing and people's actions using the present continuous. Lots of vocabulary, including clothes, colours, patterns and materials.
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Text Comments (8)
Ricardo Milos (15 days ago)
no speak inglish :v
English Chit Chat (13 days ago)
Keep watching English videos and your English will get better.
SoyDemisBro (8 months ago)
good video, keep it up, it helped me a lot ... postscript: I do not speak English
English Chit Chat (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching :)
Carolina cavazana oi (10 months ago)
good vidio
English Chit Chat (10 months ago)
+Carolina cavazana oi Thanks for watching :)
ayham ali (1 year ago)
....thank you
English Chit Chat (1 year ago)
+ayham ali You're welcome. Thanks for watching.

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