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PHOTOSHOOT POSES FOR GIRLS | Model Tips And Tricks for girls

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In this video International model Maria from Brazil talks about Photoshoot Poses For Girls | Model Tips And Tricks. For more modeling tips check out my new Modeling eBook here: https://geni.us/MODELINGebook SOCIAL MEDIA Daniel Maritz Website: https://www.dlm-modellifestyle.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DLMlifestyle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daniel_maritz Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/DanielMaritz Maria Dantas Website: https://www.mariamariadantas.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariamaria.dantas/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/iammariadantas Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.kr/mariamariadantas/ **BOOK US FOR MODELING JOBS** Daniel Maritz: [email protected] or [email protected]; [email protected] Maria Dantas [email protected] or [email protected] ----2ND CHANNEL---- DLM Christian Lifestyle https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxMqTW2y6uZm3lbFsT_cwA?sub_confirmation=1 SUPPORT DLM LIFESTYLE I would deeply appreciate your support to become a full-time video creator for both my channels. You can support me here: https://xotv.me/users/subscriptions/new?xotv_channel_id=221-dlm-christian-lifestyle QUESTION — Have a question? Post in the comments section of this video! This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a PC - https://geni.us/AdobeP VIDEO RECORDING EQUIPMENT: MICROPHONE: Rode video mic me for smartphones - https://geni.us/RodeVideoMicMe LIGHTS: Aputure AL-MX - https://geni.us/AputureAlMx TRIPOD: Manfrotto tripod - https://geni.us/Mtripod DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links from Amazon or another affiliate program, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might receive a small commission depending on the Country you are in. About this video: In this video, we have a special guest on DLM Model Lifestyle. We are collaborating with model and YouTuber Maria Maria Dantas. Maria talks about photoshoot poses for girls and shares some of her best model tips and tricks with you. Maria is from Brazil and has been a professional model for over 10 years. Her model photoshoot tips are not only great for models, but also for photographers. Maria explains her photoshoot poses for women in such an easy way that those who are looking for model tips for beginners can also understand. While Maria explains her photoshoot tips and tricks we get to experience her modeling world by seeing how she poses in actual modeling jobs. Check out the video and follow her channel if you want to see more videos on modeling, fitness, beauty or fashion. Music: Intro and Outro: Dangerous Epic Cinematic Music Royalty free https://www.youtube.com/c/NCMEpicMusic Intro Design: Nikita Maritz https://www.instagram.com/maritz.nikita https://www.facebook.com/NikitaMaritz
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Text Comments (46)
Aaron B (11 months ago)
Another great video as always Daniel!!!
Aaron B (11 months ago)
already subscribed to Maria's Channel as well. 👊✊🤙💯
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Thanks Aaron!!
Vladimir Ognyanov (14 days ago)
Ave Maria ....Maria from Brazilia...Sure! I enjoyed this Video ...Perfect job,Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ishita Gautam (1 month ago)
Very useful video 👏👏👏 Love from india 💕
김민정 (8 months ago)
It's sooo thoughtful of u to make a video for girls...! Thankyou so much.
DLM Model Lifestyle (8 months ago)
Your welcome 🙂👍
Giorgia Appignani (9 months ago)
Beautiful video, thank you
DLM Model Lifestyle (9 months ago)
Your welcome 😁👍
Jan Malan (11 months ago)
Excellent 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Dankie Jan 😁💯🙌. Dis lekker om jou hier te sien
Nikita Maritz (11 months ago)
You guys did so great in this video! Thanks for your amazing input Maria! Glad that hubby had the opportunity to work with such a great woman like yourself! <3
Vladimir Ognyanov (14 days ago)
Sure,Maria is amazing and nice person! Perfect video and job!
Bojan Topalovic (11 months ago)
Great and funny :) Good tips
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Thanks Bojan 🙂
kevin urueta (11 months ago)
Me encantooooooo genial muy buenos los tips se lo recomende a una amiga esto sirve cuando uno se queda corto de inspiracion y poses
Lucas (11 months ago)
Beautiful girl with beautiful eyes! Great choice, Daniel 👍
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Yeah Maria is a great model and has an even better personality 🙂🙌
Sir Zaka (11 months ago)
Subscribed to Maria's channel. :)
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Nice 😀👍
eve thomas (11 months ago)
Hello, to Maria :) Good, she's on youtube. I'll subscribe. Yeah... See, she's describing how intense your photos look. I think so too. You've expression; would make a nice actor :D
Muhammad Nadeem Akbar (11 months ago)
Lovely video my dear Maria
Aaron B (11 months ago)
Hey Daniel, would love to see you guys collaborate in the future. How about a video on modeling tips when working with a woman onset or just another person? 👊✊🤙💯
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Hey Aaron! Yeah that is a good idea. Unfortunately I already left Korea and Maria is still there, but I am sure we can make it work in the future. We recorded 1 other video which I will post within 2 weeks where we both talk together in the whole video. Keep your eyes out for that one. I like your video requests, keep it coming 😉🙌💯
Aaron B (11 months ago)
As I read my comment I dont know if I was clear..... what I was getting at was tips for working together/shooting with a female model? Posing as a couple, friends, etc.
Yehezkiel Penbais (11 months ago)
A lot of information! Keept it up!
Vignesh Thammi Reddy (11 months ago)
How to straighten teeth??? How long does it take??? Can u reply for this!!!🙂
Vignesh Thammi Reddy (11 months ago)
Can fill the gap between the teeths??
Vignesh Thammi Reddy (11 months ago)
Nd one more question!!
Lobo Alpha (11 months ago)
I'm down here! lol Thanks brother!
MadKing (11 months ago)
Amazing 😍
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Thanks BatMan :D
Axelle Art Production (11 months ago)
Hi, she give beautiful tips, but sound is little low.
Vai Ras (11 months ago)
Wooww I need this 😍
Vai Ras (11 months ago)
DLM Model Lifestyle yeah hi-fi ✋✋
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
K Padmanabhan (11 months ago)
Oh daniel i've been longing to see a video from you for a week and BTW Maria is cute Not to mention you are damn handsome
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Thanks K 😊
Hassan jaban (11 months ago)
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Aditya Ahuja (11 months ago)
If she was lit bit loud then it would be better otherwise it was okey👍
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Hmmm...maybe it was my fault when I edited it because on my pc it sounded fine
Mustafa Khan (11 months ago)
wOw Awesome girl beautiful and attractive sight I love to make a paire of modeling with her
OpTimuS-EE (11 months ago)
Like before watch, DLM u deserve that
DLM Model Lifestyle (11 months ago)
Thanks man! I like that 😀🙌💯
Ahmed Toasin Tanu (11 months ago)
Inspiring 👌👌😍

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