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10 Instagram Models BEFORE Plastic Surgery

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Look at these Instagram famous girls before all the plastic. Do you recognize them? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: 10 Celebs Who Accidentally Twinned With Kids Dolls https://youtu.be/gMBMASaBuGQ Shocking Beauty Routines of Rich Celebrities https://youtu.be/aXuk41q9WG4 10 Secret BODY INSECURITIES Of Famous People https://youtu.be/mxvSS3OE37s Description: Many girls have been able to turn Instagram from a platform to share pictures into a source of income. These beautiful women have been made popular due to their good looks, and advertisers can’t wait to hire them to promote their products. They’re more commonly referred to as IG models, and many of them have millions of followers who drool over each and every photo they post to the site. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (5621)
Bebe (17 hours ago)
They all look fake, they look so much prettier before
P. N. (2 days ago)
2 Timothy 3:2 “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,” Cannot beat the Bible.
Taylor Martz (8 days ago)
Noothing beats natural beauty! These girls look sooo fake now!!!!
Marc Flameling (11 days ago)
Plstic surgery is not money spent wel😑
Middle School Master (11 days ago)
Alena now has a natural look alike
isokessu (13 days ago)
So many social media- like snapchat girls are so pretty from their face but they are too short to be models, maybe some time they become famous for real outside the internet and models in the future don't have to be so tall anymore!
skz's baby girl (11 days ago)
Lol ofc they have to be tall to fit the lonh clothes and dresses
Vanessa Est (13 days ago)
All of them have the same face, who can buy that. All of them look like plastic porn stars
NOTABOOS (14 days ago)
Fake lips and fake boobs are the ugliest things in the world.
LOLIWINX EDITS (17 days ago)
alena looked like a beauty queen evn before the surgery
Natasha Chiware (20 days ago)
What does Instagram do for you????
Kayla Scott (21 days ago)
this vid disgusts me!! these women didnt feel good enough and under went surgeries that could have went very wrong! now they are influencers and rolemodel for young women all over. teaching them that if the world doesnt see you as good enough just go under the knife till society decides youre beautiful. plus it is creating a very unhealthy standard of beauty for women that is basically unachievable for most let alone shouldnt be done. these women looked better before and unique now they are the same with different hair colours and some with bigger "assets" than others. this channel is a disgrace by using encouraging words like "money well spent" to describe what these women did to themselves and i can almost grantee that most of them would like to act like its "natural" beauty. No wonder so many young women torture themselves because they dont feel good enough!
Cinomatix (22 days ago)
Y’all girls lucky, for us dudes even if you have money, you still ugly
Mamu MauMau (23 days ago)
You people are disgusting!!!!! You shame and exploit these phonies before they became "famous" and you are exploiting them now. Just remember this: The only people who actually care about this crap are phonies too. They are so easily seduced by this creepy, artificial world. Every nickel you make is dirty money!!!!!
colonel carrillo (24 days ago)
These hoes
Brenda Patterson (25 days ago)
They look like clones of each other!
E L I S S A (28 days ago)
For me it’s fine to have surgery just not say it’s natural
GachaTriplets (29 days ago)
They are literally all the same, tan thin curvy blonde botoxed faces and plump lips
realsjs (1 month ago)
I think its wrong to shame women for having plastic surgery
Dashia James (1 month ago)
There bodies look awkward, big boobs and a small waist, reminds me of Kim Kardashian.
Dashia James (1 month ago)
I never knew there was such thing as a " IG model " ....I swear they just be making up things !!
Dashia James (1 month ago)
Honestly I truly think some these IG models look like human Barbie dolls.
Tage Babii (1 month ago)
These women have had serious facial reconstruction surgery and it’s just pushing women with insecurities around the world to just “go get them fixed”. It’s sickening really is
Tage Babii (1 month ago)
I’m just sittin here watching all these girls before and after plastic surgery. These IG models that are so perfect weren’t so perfect before and it’s sad that this is what kids today have to look up today. They can even embrace they’re real Beaty because everyone has so much work done to be perfect today. All I can hope is that young girls around the world will truly embrace the way God has made them and not run to change their entire faces and bodies because social media says that’s the way we’re supposed to look. NATURAL IS BETTER! EMBRACE YOUR BEAUTY IN AND OUT! So unbelievably sad
Lily Munster (24 days ago)
@Tage Swagamattics Truth! 👏
DARA (1 month ago)
They is beautiful its completely deformed
Vulkanzed (1 month ago)
It's all plastic surgery and Photoshop, face tuning.
savannah ag (1 month ago)
This world is sick
Sky Esc (1 month ago)
What I don’t understand is why people care if someone gets plastic surgery. Like it has nothing to do with you lol don’t like it, don’t get it.
Blue Coco (1 month ago)
Tbh all of them don’t look that pretty after surgery... maybe if they wore a little less makeup to look natural. Not trying to hate
Dunya Roshan (1 month ago)
Isn't alena shishkova already tall why was she rejected I don't understand
Cuttiepie Narwn (1 month ago)
All are fake now
Jazz Jennings (1 month ago)
Eden the doll should be on this list
Jazz Jennings (1 month ago)
Gigi gorgeous should me on this list
Jazz Jennings (1 month ago)
Nikita dragun should be on this list
flame phoenix (1 month ago)
i feel sorry for woman who set up there and mess up they body trying to look like a doll it not worth it be happy the way god made u if u reject god work u gonna get yourself sent to hell
Red Dog (1 month ago)
why do plastic surgeons make the nose razor thin. its almost to a point. where and when in society was beauty defined by a razor thin nose.
King Coman (1 month ago)
wow!!! plastic surgery got these hoes from looking like a 2/10 to looking like a 8/10... LMAO!!!
Bulletproof Frostfury (1 month ago)
I don't find them beautiful...
ManLike Po (1 month ago)
Right so these models who are dominating the media today and how many 13 year olds maybe even younger have social media? 46% of 11-year-olds, 51% of 12-year-olds and 28% of 10-year-olds now have a social media profile. And these vulnerable young children are going to idolise these people. I genuinely worry for our next generations. nooo way will my child have any sort of social media until there brains are more developed. Our whole generation is brainwashed to always look "perfect" its unrealistic.. i dont even go near instagram cause ik how damaging that can be to ones self esteem. too many young people have committed/attempted suicide in this generation because they didnt feel "good enough" and it makes me sick. Id love to be in a generation of acceptance and self love and so much more than just an expensive car, looks and jealousy. The world is so fucked up i dont even know where to start and then everyones baffled to how mental health issues are rising..? then we got the music SMH sex, money drugs and hoes. just ugh. so much manipulation in the system and were just people... commenting our opinions.
Novares (1 month ago)
Wtf is an Instagram models? They're not models. They're thots that a bunch of thirsty weirdos follow and post pix looking like whores. That's not a model.
XxShadowvalkyriexX (1 month ago)
Natural is always best
Guztavo (1 month ago)
They look like robots
Pinay Life (1 month ago)
My husband always says I’m beautiful. I don’t need expensive plastic surgeries because I got lucky being married to someone who truly appreciates me. Lol!
Jarcu Vally (1 month ago)
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Lala La (1 month ago)
Ха! Та плечевая из Дома-2 на заставке ))
niya niya (1 month ago)
I look up Gina savage and this pop up scarlxrd girlfriend
LXRD SZN (19 days ago)
niya niya idk if she in here
Joy Ocampo (1 month ago)
Fake. Fake. Fake.
Miguel Angel (1 month ago)
Alena was rejected for her height? She's 5'9 ... damn I feel small.
Swifty1000RR (1 month ago)
Stepford Wives anyone?
Ashish Chakraborty (1 month ago)
God 2000s and 2010s have the worst beauty trends.Plastic lip,plastic nose,plastic boobs are considered beautiful god whats wrong with people these days
gmail account (2 months ago)
I'm not top Looking beauty with ideal body but I'm me and nobody else I'm original I'm didnt need look like human Barbie Is treasure other values as brain and personality
gmail account (2 months ago)
Poor guys what will have ugly kids with these hoes cuz they fooled them 😂
Lily Munster (24 days ago)
@gmail account Dang! 😂
AcidAnna Vu (2 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks their noses are way to small after surgery....like they look alien or something?
syvian bakare (2 months ago)
Beauty lol No comment. 😂
katerina z (2 months ago)
I need a nose job jaw op chin tuck korean leg extensions tummy tuck teeth work ribs removed lol if i was rich if only
Gbc 111 (2 months ago)
I don't see Gina savage in this video??
Melissa Boomer (2 months ago)
I %100 support woman doing plastic surgery 😌
Madeline Michaelson (2 months ago)
they all end up looking the same
Viraga (2 months ago)
Never heard of nor seen a single one of these thots before
Melanin Glam (2 months ago)
Viraga 😂😂😂
Michelle Wykle (2 months ago)
It does not matter what you look like I have a friend that looks like she had plastic surgery because shes sooooooooo skinny one time she told me that she was born “skinny”but I was born fat tho!!!so I think she’s a BIG lier
J E ss E Y (2 months ago)
The Russians are so stunning
Citlalli Guzman (2 months ago)
I hope you have some money for when your daughter/son realizes she/he wasn't as "gifted" as you.
Seema Bey (2 months ago)
Everyone walking around look like family nd shit All got the same features
Anaïs H (2 months ago)
I look like a elephant 😂
And Reas (2 months ago)
"Judging by her appeareance, we have to say it was definitely money well spent" Who are these people giving likes to this BS? To me, it seems like women do, not men. Sorry, but before she looked like a human, after surgeries, she looks like a plastic doll. If you can see, that someone underwent plastic surgery, then it is not beautiful. If you can see it is fake, then it was not a good surgery at all. These fake butts, sorry, but you can see it from miles away. Who thinks this is beautiful??? It looks freaky.
me and me (2 months ago)
Some people don't have money to feed their children and this girls who have no brain spend money in this shit. I saw young woman on youtobe who spend 130000 $ for her beauty and i just can't imagine how can normal human do this. I mean when you don't need something but you do because you just want it.
Mia Rushford (2 months ago)
Talko is spilling the tea and throwing the shade
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
The normalization of cosmetic surgery is not okay and I’ll never change my mind
McKenzie Jones (2 months ago)
4:58 for a James Charles certifies Flashback Mary moment
Sin D (2 months ago)
Pine Babies (2 months ago)
Mariyan Is Beautiful Like Damn☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊
crazycajunsunshine (2 months ago)
What curves, LoL I see a stick with fake boobs wow
crazycajunsunshine (2 months ago)
Fake everything
crazycajunsunshine (2 months ago)
Fake plastic surgery not from eating well and hard work.... terrible
Wendy Clarke (2 months ago)
From average to pretty/gross. It’s a fine line.
•Rose• cici (2 months ago)
It says that there's 5.9k+ comments when there's nothing there
Irina Grebennik (2 months ago)
Usuall girls
Christina Gee (2 months ago)
They all have AMAZING Plastic surgeons! All of them look stunning after their work. In all honesty, what woman wouldn’t be the perfect her if she had the opportunity AND the bank account for it?!
MiaMore (2 months ago)
The misuse of any technology and innovation will be and is already becoming the downfall of our civilization.
Spyros Kesisoglou (2 months ago)
The only thing I know is that these people were beautiful and without plastic surgery
Jack (2 months ago)
People that change their faces must have serious mental health issues, seriously, it's just so weird
Vrushali Jadhav (2 months ago)
It's our mistake that we make these "models" famous after they get surgeries done. We keep proving the point that chances of you get famous grow tremendously if you get your body altered. How is it possible to achieve the figure that Kylie has without a plastic surgery?! But that's what we want. We have set this unrealistic image of how a girl should look to be called pretty and attractive.
I am Rainbow (2 months ago)
I noticed that most of the commenters on this video who are displeased by the plastic beauty are women. Maybe 99.99 percent are women commenters. So where are the boys? Are they silent because men nowadays are pretty shallow and goes after pretty fake faces, fake big boobs, fake pouty lips, and fake big butts! Look at the instagram now, who got the most followers and most like pics? It’s the women who are products of plastic surgery are most look up to by men. Natural beauties are ignored. So can we blame if the population of plastic faced women will go higher in the future? It’s the shallow minded men who created this plastic beauties phenomena. I am not a fan of those women who underwent plastic surgery in order for them to look pretty and hot. But I cannot blame them for doing this. I blame these men who make women as a sex object and be as hot as hell in their eyes!
Cheyenne Takitimu (3 months ago)
I hate Tyga even more now! The world isn't fair!!!!
Tiff'sTravels2012 (3 months ago)
They looked better before. It seems to be the same thing when they get surgery. Lips,cheeks and nose. They all look like the same kind of plastic.
MimixLight (3 months ago)
ali uwuq (3 months ago)
What I like about this video is that they are respecting plastic surgery and the people who had it. They respect they’re decision. uwu
Shanin Rahman (3 months ago)
Where are the kardashians?! I was waiting this whole time for them to come on this list
Su Yee Sia (3 months ago)
Kylie Jenner was listed
Sandra Ennis (3 months ago)
I think they all look good after surgery if it makes them happy then that’s all that matters anyone who says other wise is just jealous
Gla Dys (3 months ago)
Meh these ho attention seeking so called "models" stuck up air headed women ugh.
cherri bollman (3 months ago)
those women look freaky and weird. Not beautiful at all. Women, do not do this to your faces or bosies.
TanakinSkywalker (3 months ago)
Thots and fakes. And no the modeling industry didn’t make any of these girls have work done it was them. Stop with the excuses
Jerika P (3 months ago)
The last one! But remember your children want look like that. 😔
Yodeling PussyNutts (3 months ago)
Okay but that gurl Mariyan Pashaeva is absolutely gorgeous
Yodeling PussyNutts (3 months ago)
Ugly but natural.
“We’re pretty sure you’ve probably seen her photos all over the internet” They all look the same lmao
lisa OGrady (3 months ago)
Crazy. All these girls look fake and like all the other plastics out there.
Carmen and The Storms (3 months ago)
Can we take a moment to big up the sugar daddies who paid for all their plastic surgery?
Mariano Gutav (3 months ago)
I wonder how they all feel inside........
Endi Alva (3 months ago)
Look like a bad doll, I don’ t like it
Is it me or they all look the same?

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