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The Ventures - secret agent man

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The Ventures
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Marcelo Romero (2 months ago)
I heard The Ventures for the first time ever.
Rafi YT (5 months ago)
SilverStare9 (7 months ago)
Better than the original
Kimberly Hardin (3 months ago)
Original is alot better the johnny rivers record that is.
Cybermojoman (5 months ago)
You need the vocals to make this song cool..... Like Johnny Rivers does https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iaR3WO71j4
hanten10 (7 months ago)
Johny Rivers and The Ventures 💞
Detlev Uhlig (8 months ago)
Die waren eine tolle Band und mit jedem Ton kann man die Live gespielte Musik hören und wie lebendig die Intrumente noch gespielt wurden,das war noch Handgespielte Musik.
Larry Reid (9 months ago)
I was in a local rock band in Nashville during the late 60s and we played the hell out of this one! The Ventures forever!
Joel Bloom (10 months ago)
secret agent man was done by johnny rivers
Cybermojoman (5 months ago)
Nobody sings it like him.... that is still one of may favorites.
Julio Galván (1 year ago)
LOs Ventures serán siempre los Ventures, un gran grupo musical apreciado por todo los jóvenes y casi jovenes de los años 60
Marco Elías (1 year ago)
Una música para sacar de la tristeza y la depresión al más nostálgico. Notas que nos hacen recordar que la vida nos ha sido dada para estar alegres, optimistas, activos y productivos...
Дмитрий П (1 year ago)
Вступление - будто 2-ая песня Бабы Яги в "Маше и Вите".
marcos quiles (1 year ago)
Yeah baby yeah
Cringe Bin (1 year ago)
*My Name Is Earl*
Sun Rabbit (1 year ago)
When I was a kid in the 60s I really thought this song was "Secret Asian Man." As in an Asian agent, or someone pretending NOT to be Asian? LOL! Thank THE GODS I grew up in the 60s and not these daze. And thank YouTube for having a viable record of this song and many others.
Martin Serna (1 year ago)
Dios mío, me encanta esa canción
Miranda Sax&Bass (2 years ago)
Teen Titans :D !!
Ricardo Ríos (1 day ago)
No entendí la referencia... :(
Sergio Zayasbazan (2 years ago)
great guitar and rhythm!!!
Alberto Zerbini (1 year ago)
The champs
Rowdy The Redneck (4 years ago)
Don Simpson (4 years ago)
Not necessarily on this tune, but bands that only have one guitar on stage are typically missing tons of what is done on the original recording.  Just like Organs and Keys.  Today many bands forgo them on stage and if you listen close enough, it shows. Or..  They cheat have play to tracks. 
alphahunterd (5 years ago)
Why do they need three guitars? I know one is the bass and the other the main, but the third??? :/ Can someone tell me, please?
Peter Turner (2 years ago)
...except some of the greatest rock acts that ever were: Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream, The Who etc.
alphahunterd (2 years ago)
@Eli R Yeah, not very knowledgeable about bands in general. ^^;
Eli R (2 years ago)
every band should have rhythm and main lol
Thesocalballer (4 years ago)
it's called rhythm guitar. Many bands in this era had that guitar in the line up.
alphahunterd (5 years ago)
Ooh. Thanks.
FloresCartoons (6 years ago)
Fantastic tune!
Jojo Gunne (1 year ago)
+ Egg fried rice.
haruo takei (1 year ago)
nuttytexture (6 years ago)
i haven't heard this in forever.
juan vivas (6 years ago)
Este y otros temas de los Ventures de USA, son una verdadera escuela para los cultores de este genero de musica.
altfactor (7 years ago)
Great cover version!
rafa1326 (7 years ago)
@120hazz wait what
swiftyb1 (7 years ago)
@120hazz haha what??
Nicholas Florez (7 years ago)
@120hazz He was an ice fisher, no doubt.
Diogenes1360 (7 years ago)
Secretly . . Asian Man . . don't tell anyone
Jakob Virgil (7 years ago)
@1234airows Sacred Asian Man
matzomaniac (7 years ago)
how fuckin cool is that?!
Chris Meyer (7 years ago)
Love it classic!!!!!
Chris Meyer (7 years ago)
@1234airows pfffttt hahaha
Asmodai (7 years ago)
Secret Asian Man
Boris Badenov (7 years ago)
i herd this song on the rocky and bullwinkle movie it was this version
Falo Jazz (8 years ago)
@120hazz yeah, i do that sometimes
120hazz (8 years ago)
my neighbor used to dance and scream loud when he caught a troutfish in his livingroom.

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