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Clothes Vocabulary

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This video contains the vocabulary in Learning's "Clothing" theme. All words are introduced in a LISTEN and followed by a blank review to allow students to practice. Anorak, baseball cap, bathrobe, bikini, blazer, blouse, boots, bow tie, boxer shorts, bra,cap, cardigan, dinner jacket, dress, dressing gown, flip-flops, gloves, hat, high heels, jacket, jeans, jumper, knickers, leader jacket, miniskirt, nightdress, nightie, overcoat pullover, pyjamas, raincoat, sandals, scarf, shirt, shoe, shorts, skirt, slippers, socks, stilettos, stockings, suit, sweater, swimming costume, t-shirt, tennis shoe, thong, tie, tights, top, trainers, trousers, underpants, vest, wellintons.
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Top Trousers Vest Wellingtons
Stockings Sweater Thong Tie Tights
Sandals Scarf Shirt
High heels Jacket Jeans Jumper Mini dress Pyjamas
BSeball cap Bikini Blazer Blouse Boots Bow tie Bra Cap Cardigan Dinner jacket Dressing gown Hat
Anorak Bathrobe
mmm mmm (4 months ago)
حسين رمزي معك
mmm mmm (4 months ago)
مقطع حلو انا ريد حديقة حيوان
What are briefs?
Leuan Jennings (6 months ago)
It says 'Baseball cap' when it has a football team on the front (0:08)
Naresh Kumar (7 months ago)
Nice to information
Ali Adat (7 months ago)
How to teach bikini ??? Haha
BIHAR AB BADLEGA (1 year ago)
Doctor Euge (1 year ago)
Obviously have no idea about what a blazer is.
Kevin Figueroa (1 year ago)
Kevin Figueroa (1 year ago)
hijos de puta
Learning Easy English (1 year ago)
Diana Rivera (1 year ago)
You should make the video more slower
Guillermina Cabrera (2 years ago)
Peter Williams (2 years ago)
The problem with this video is that it is using both American and British English words together. It should give both for each picture.
Ali Lou (2 years ago)
It's good video thanks
Noor (2 years ago)
who the fuck says anorak
Angebert Joseph (2 years ago)
Angebert Joseph (2 years ago)
knickers jumper
Angebert Joseph (2 years ago)
pajamas nightgown nightshirt bathrobe/robe slippers undershirt tee shirt (jockey) shorts underpants boxer shorts athletic supporter/ jockstrap long underwear (bikini)panties briefs bra Camisole slip half slip stockings pantyhose tights socks knee sock shoes (high) heels pumps loafers sneakers tennis shoes running shoes high tops/ high-top sneakers sandals thongs/flip-flops boots work boots hiking boots cowboy boots moccasins tee shirt tank top sweatshirt sweatpants running shorts tennis shorts lycra shorts jogging suit running suit leotard tights sweatband coat overcoat jacket windbreaker ski jacket bomber jacket parka down jacket down vest raincoat poncho trenchcoat rubbers gloves mittens hat cap baseball cap beret rain hat ski hat ski mask ear muffs scarf belt wallet change purse purse/handbag shoulder bag tote bag book bag backpack briefcase umbrella Shirt long-sleeved shirt short-sleeved shirt dress shirt sport shirt polo shirt/jersey sport shirt flannel shirt blouse turtleneck pants/slacks pants (blue) jeans corduroys skirt dress jumpsuit shorts sweater V-neck sweater cardigan sweater overalls uniform jacket/sport jacket sports coat jacket blazer suit three- piece suit vest tie/necktie bowtie tuxedo evening panty shoes pants shirt short
lbrahim AMAR (2 years ago)
jonas cirqueira (2 years ago)
jonas cirqueira (2 years ago)
Kuch Sikhte Hai (2 years ago)
NI Va (2 years ago)
Quite bad video, tha
Carlos Reyes (2 years ago)
me gusto mucho el video
sobretodo en el 1:32
mucho ropa interior y q la estan usando no me gusta
Eddie Segovia (2 years ago)
no esta mucha y ademas que importa si esta no incomoda a nadie
ming yuk cheng (3 years ago)
Thank you. Good video.
Elkin López (3 years ago)
Excelente video. Recomendable. Presenta una variedad del inglés británico. Se puede aprender mucho con este video.
Lynn Welburn (4 years ago)
Espantoso video, no recomendable.
Rossy Mora (1 year ago)
por qué?
Rubia Padilha (2 years ago)
Lynn Welburn
Lynn Welburn (3 years ago)
Pronunciación de Grand Bretaña. Es diferente que la pronunciación de EEUU o Canada. Y unos nombres son diferentes también.
@Lynn Welburn eso pensé ; pronuncia mal ,verdad miss?
Idir Tnmli (4 years ago)
thank you for this video.
sunil sai (4 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this wonderful Video! I was poor in english and all used to laugh at me, but I did 2 things 1) learned a lot from this Video 2) used "iVocab" mobile app by lokesh Now, I speak good sentences and I am happy with myself?
galiano vieira (5 years ago)
Leader jacket? Isn't it leather jacket?
Rubia Padilha (2 years ago)
Jefferson Araujo .
@Damián Bacarini ajajajajajaja you're a intelligent troller !
Damián Bacarini (4 years ago)
But that jacket lead a team (? hahaha
Jose David (5 years ago)
thanks . is very very great
Jose12-YT GamerJP12 (1 year ago)
Adriana Beretta Longo (6 years ago)
At 1:38 - leaTHer jacket

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