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The Spy Next Door (2010) Music Video

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*Suggested by niko spinella. A music video for the movie The Spy Next Door set to the songs Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers and One Way Or Another by Blondie. Enjoy! #MusicalJourneysThruCinema #mjtc #DerekGosser #MusicVideo
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hyakkimaru Dororo (1 month ago)
Geo Boy (3 months ago)
man love thisss anyone here in 2019?
Colin DeWacht (5 months ago)
Can you do a Space Jam booby traps music video?
zainab hisham (7 months ago)
what name the girl in movie in instagtam please
The girl's name is Madeline Carroll
Christian Tracey (9 months ago)
One of my favorite Jackie Chan movies
Retro Galleon 98 (1 year ago)
“Secret Asian man”
J?&CLEFF me (5 months ago)
racists ????
Geo Boy (1 year ago)
Thanks man
Geo Boy (1 year ago)
So badss man whoa
I am phenomenal (1 year ago)
My favourite music 😁" one way" thx for upload 💗
I hate Protect Zorgo (7 months ago)
This is mine to
Joe Fiteni (1 year ago)
Can You Do a Music Video of Surf's Up & The Little Mermaid?
Joe Fiteni (1 year ago)
Musical Journeys Thru Cinema For Surf's Up, Use "Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day & "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals, & For The Little Mermaid, Use "Part of Your World" by Jodi Benson & "Under the Sea (Demo Version)"
niko spinella (1 year ago)
thank you
Joe Fiteni (1 year ago)
Next Music Video?
Joe Fiteni (1 year ago)
Musical Journeys Thru Cinema What Time Are You Upload it?
Surf's Up

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