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The Ventures - Wipe Out

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Wipe Out Guest / Max Weinberg
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Joe Trout (8 hours ago)
That looks like “LEFTIE” on the drums al pacino on donnie brosco
Thomas (11 hours ago)
Stuart from Mad TV on drums.
Tony Totten (22 hours ago)
Yes let comment said it all true professional musicians at there best not manufactured pop idols one hit wonder and computer generated band box garbage awsome these guys mus have had a ball in there prime days and by do they still have brilliant 👍 👋👋👋👋👋👋
Curt Phillips (1 day ago)
Two great drummers, a great band and a great song. PERFECT!
Brave Voice (1 day ago)
I'm a Ventures fan, but I like the Safari's version better.
Don Trump (1 day ago)
Brave Voice I agree: The drumming here is not quite right. Speed is one thing. The correct beat is another.
Emanuel López (2 days ago)
Te voy a matar lenta y dolorosamente😰😰
Sands of time (2 days ago)
Well, I guess Max Weinberg was/is the real deal.
Jancok_ ipun (2 days ago)
Thanks to Andy Rowell, he bring me here
Erick klaudio (3 days ago)
Surf Rock 😍😍👏👏
WOW I thought that was Max Weinberg on the other drums. . . No wonder he was with Bruce Springsteen
Dave Brown (3 days ago)
How many drum beats in Wipe Out? Oh, I guess 789. No, there are 788. You are one beatoff. Ha Ha
Matti Uutela (3 days ago)
John Dough (3 days ago)
That looks like Max Weinberg on the left. I hope I spelled that right. Conan's drummer.
Fidel Sanchez (4 days ago)
Old man Wolowitz has some serious drum skills
Ana Alonso Villalobos (3 days ago)
LoadingTV (4 days ago)
Im coming because andy rowell
James J (6 days ago)
Lovely beets.
sliderulelover (6 days ago)
The lead guitar sucks. He's nowhere as good as the original version which really ROCKED.
Bradkey Williams (6 days ago)
The FUN their having is "CONTAGIOUS" LOL'S...
Orca Flotta (4 days ago)
Erick (6 days ago)
Sponge Bob !!
FunkyMarcel (6 days ago)
painfully bad
Wade Adams (6 days ago)
Teal music
Lottie Ephendah (7 days ago)
Wipeout is not really a song you can deviate from its original and specific nuances otherwise you simply sound like you're bored with the song that made your famous. Short of getting into some cut times and offbeat triplets Wipeout is a hard song to make sound good unless you play it note-for-note like the original at least through some of the song and or some wild syncopations trading back and forth on the drums. But those guys did not do either. I'm not trying to be critical but the guitar player with the Palm Pedal carried the song and carried it well. As great as they were, the guys in this video kind of phone it in. With that guitar player comment it would have been a real home run with a little more then 16th notes on the drums. but it could have been done all the cool I know I did it one time and one time only. Of course it helps to have the drummer from April Wine do the solo with you. I was playing with big Al and the hi-fi's back in 78 in Regina Saskatchewan at the Sahara Nights. April wine was in town and had just finished a concert so we set it up for me to go off stage after playing a drum solo to Wipeout play on a hubcap Carrie by big l and kissing girls drinking drinks playing on glasses with my drumsticks almost getting my butt kicked by boyfriends. We had it arranged to go off into the girls bathroom where I would bring the drummer from April wine back out onto the stage the same way I came off the stage with the hubcap. So I brought him back to the drum kit he finished the solo and pretty soon they're whole band is up on stage. I forgot about that story. Those were the days.
krasht1 (4 days ago)
heather quigley (7 days ago)
Great music
Emm Pet (7 days ago)
WOW. Must go down as one of the best drumming records ever.
Orca Flotta (4 days ago)
Actually far from. You can't compare those old people surfer show band rythm guys to real drummers.
Kim Hatswell (8 days ago)
Barbara Hammer (8 days ago)
I like the beat to the song wipe out. Fine and the best in my eyes. wow. thank you showing this..
Frederick Wise (8 days ago)
25YO again Navy service on Guam 1961
Control Z (8 days ago)
hmmm lets....seeee how stupid i can hold these drumsticks......imwin
Zack Raynor (8 days ago)
Anybody notice that it’s Max Weinberg on the other drums
Orca Flotta (4 days ago)
Of course! No fukn clue who Max Weinberg is but it says so very clearly in the vid descripton for everybody who can read.
Molto Vivace (4 days ago)
Of course.... Dude looks like a movie star 😂😂
דוד יפרח (9 days ago)
יופי של נעימה
Mason Rasmussen (9 days ago)
Fuck yeah Weinberg!
Relief In Place (10 days ago)
No pyrotechnics and crazy stage antics great talent all the way!
My My (9 days ago)
Couldn't agree more! It's like today's comedians who has to use a cuss word with every other word because they just don't have material!
Ralph Mahon (10 days ago)
is that Howard Wollowitz on the drums? ;-)
BrokenPortriats (11 days ago)
their best album is the Surfing cut. over 50% home tunes.
Louis Deschamps (11 days ago)
Search Canadian pacific rail grade mining town sandon British Columbia
Larry Williams (11 days ago)
Nokie was the best hands down.
Paulo Henrique (11 days ago)
Old school
Mariel Garcillez (11 days ago)
Wow the look
Olov Kock (11 days ago)
Scott Havens (11 days ago)
Ronald Singson Danao (11 days ago)
A.J. Dubbis (12 days ago)
Now with the pa Now with Noki gong can the Ventures again shine with all original band members
Oscar Cuevas (12 days ago)
Andrei's Online TeeVee (12 days ago)
Um ...... their faces hey look like their mad or something
Stephen Stewart (12 days ago)
A Richard Petty Hat, really cool !
Loring Chien (13 days ago)
Two drummers, no waiting!
Brian Smart (13 days ago)
The drum beat magic.
Andrew Meadors (14 days ago)
At my senior prom, April 1968, a group from the class did music for us.  Levi (his nickname) played Wipe Out as the last musical of the night.  It was 35 years later when I saw him again after graduation.... Sadly, I heard he passed away a few years ago!  He was good...
pops 69 (14 days ago)
The song that made me pick up my first set of sticks.
2consider (13 days ago)
My brother giving me a set of drums for Christmas back 71 is what made me pick up my first sticks. This song was one of the first on my "to learn" list. A list that kept growing and growing.
Dont Afk (14 days ago)
I think they made the song specifically for the drums.
流石c乙次郎 (14 days ago)
Fabian Patrizio (15 days ago)
The Wanderers :)
Jacob Love (15 days ago)
Cramps goo goo muck
Emil Christensen (17 days ago)
Ey Danmark! hva sker der for dig?!
Hazel Bar (18 days ago)
just remembered Barbie in Toy Story wahahaha
Hazel Bar (18 days ago)
That's a fuckin hat!!
Wavy Dave (18 days ago)
The drummer on the left is Max Weinberg of the E Street Band.
Tino Stevens (21 days ago)
Still great to this day ever time I fell like playing old school surf I go back them also one of my name influential band of all time 😎
Oz Bloke (21 days ago)
Who are the thumbs down wankers?
Tomek M (22 days ago)
Perkusja super
wontunow (22 days ago)
every teenage boy could play wipe out on their school books.
THCarballo (23 days ago)
evolve or repeat
Michael Webb (23 days ago)
Henry Bowers compared that crazy laugh at the beginning to the way Patrick Hockstetter laughed.
Carmina Velazquez (24 days ago)
Howard Wolowitz in the drum!! Xd
My My (25 days ago)
Great version of the song!!
Dan Camp (26 days ago)
Extremely well done, especially with two drummers. Live perfection.
simon tromans (26 days ago)
Nookie throws Country licks in, does that make it Surf n Turf?
James H (28 days ago)
Anton Chigurh is really rocking those drums!
Nayeli Medina (28 days ago)
Lennon tocando la batería con Ringo
Jonathan Rodriguez (29 days ago)
Oh cielos pantalones cuadrados :^) ~
Thomas Wadeson (29 days ago)
‘I drank so much coffee that year my resting pulse was like the drum solo from wipeout’ - Ted Moseby
Matt Day (27 days ago)
Literally the reason I'm watching this
Ray Avery (30 days ago)
Badass performance !!! Way to wipeout guys !!!!!!
Hua Po (1 month ago)
Maja Moudrá (1 month ago)
SUPER SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nora Set (1 month ago)
It’s like the best drum duel ever!
Arif erdoğan (1 month ago)
(lost) desmond? :D
Gacha Tuber (1 month ago)
Never thought Al Pacino can play and keep up with the band.
Scott Murphy (30 days ago)
You do realize that that is Max Weinberg, right?
Lothar Schendera (1 month ago)
super,super,und nochmal super.
Mike thefoto (1 month ago)
Surfari's version is/was better & they didn't need two drummers!!
Dick Duquesne (1 month ago)
Look, these guys are having FUN. learn millennials, learn ...
Mike Everitts (1 month ago)
The old guy is bad ass on the gold sparkle drums only wish I was as good as him
GeoffTV2 (1 month ago)
Anyone here from Far Cry - New Dawn?
brian versansky (1 month ago)
Am I just seeing things, or is that Max Weinberg on drums?
peter papadimitriou (1 month ago)
Cool stuff
Collin Morris (1 month ago)
There's something about Nokie's playing...it so crisp smooth and clean. His is some of the silkiest sounding ever. RIP! Will always be one of the best.
jim czerwinski (1 month ago)
Nokia, Mal and Bob, all gone now. So sad, but they left the music on UTube. Thanks
Nicolás Velver (1 month ago)
Mike Gendron (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does the drummer on the right look like Howard Wolowitz from "The Big Bang Theory". LOL!!!
Bob B (1 month ago)
Looks like dueling drummers!
kitzy katz (1 month ago)
Deuling drummers. I love it!
Aizen Acalud (1 month ago)
How i met your mother brought me here
3peppone (1 month ago)
Ventures....una fantastica leggenda
Давно такового долгого оргазма не было
Marko Feller (1 month ago)
some people would say that white dudes have no rythm
How does anyone drum with they’re hand contorted like that. Fuck that hurts my hands.
JCVR (1 month ago)
It never gets old
Coco Roro (1 month ago)
Who wants to play the surfer? Hahaha!

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