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Dark Cabaret - The Mad Women in the Attic Song Collection ;)

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Songs about mad women, dead women, medical treatments, hysteria, mental disorders, love gone wrong, addictions and such in the typical humourous/tragic/quirky etc. dark cabaret style! Playlist: 0:00 Emilie Autumn - Girls, Girls, Girls 6:11 Amoree Lovell - Dark Town Sally 8:24 The Dresden Dolls - Mandy Goes to Med School 13:05 Johnny Hollow -Worse Things 16:39 Clare Fader - Big Bang Theory Man 21:25 Birdeatsbaby - The Trouble 26:02 Ray Childish - Vengeance Tango 29:23 Bitter Ruin - Chewing Gum 33:45 Stolen Babies Tablescrap 37:42 Amoree Lovell - Katherine 41:00 Tragic Tantrum Cabaret - Excuse Me Mr. 44:15 Clare Fader - Betty Crocker's Bail 47:37 Victoria and the Vaudevillains - This is War Mother Fucker 51:46 Ray Childish - Corpse Bride 56:05 Circus Contraption - 23 Beers 59:23 The Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism 1:02:25 Emilie Autumn - Mad Girl (Acoustic) 1:06:20 Clare Fader - Sister of Mine
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Text Comments (154)
KoolGrannie Nance (1 month ago)
oh my goodness, where did you find this? wonderful. I can see Cher doing some of these songs. (re Burlesque)
Zannai Face Dancer (1 month ago)
I was thinking about Pía Tedesco performing "El tango de los estupefacientes", a Spanish cover of "Le tango stupéfiant", from the 1930s French Singer Marie Dubas. It would have been a great choice too.
minty truffle (2 months ago)
I love Emilie autumn!!
Redcoat‘s Return (3 months ago)
Thats OK, I always knew women are a bit crazy in the head. Still like em😚
Arsenik17 (3 months ago)
Hell yeah, like for Dresden Dolls.
mackenzie jessop (3 months ago)
I love how Emilie Autumn's song made me think I was listening to a lost track from "Sweeney Todd"
xoen6 (11 months ago)
59:23 is nice...:)
Wiremux, does the photo has a particular story/meaning ?
Sarah Randall (1 year ago)
Sorry, but with a name like Circus Contraption, it's almost known that they'd have the lyrics, "don't be afeared, 'cause down here we float!".
zoe arca (1 year ago)
the firts song remindes me of orange is the new black and love it so much i will pay for a musical like that tbh
Luca Uttó (1 year ago)
zoe arca then good news for you: the artist of the first song (Emilie Autumn) is currently writing a musical (The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls)
Joyce Ware (1 year ago)
Love seeing emilie autumn here :) and birdeatsbaby! thanks for the tracks x
PyrateParadox (1 year ago)
No Kate Bush??? This playlist is lacking some epic talent, and an artist who likely inspired many on here...
who cares (1 year ago)
i die to this every night
Emilie off the bat = YES
Katy jean (1 year ago)
Oh, I can so relate. But it does make life interesting. And no, I don't want a cure.
MusikDigger (1 year ago)
to make a long story short ... a high-class n quality music .
Mister Bearmore (1 year ago)
I might have memories of sitting on that bed.
andy the gardener (1 year ago)
that photo is nuts. a chick posing with a bear with a tail
GG Draws (1 year ago)
I am already trying to die
pig willnot (1 year ago)
i cant believe how many times ive been to this site !!!! such a well thought out playlist !!!absolutely the best dark cabaret compilation !!! and ive checked all i can find and there is a few of them out there !! GREAT WORK
Hoodie Proxy (1 year ago)
*_'I love Emilie Autunm's songs! I was really surprised when I heard: Girls! Girls! Girls!'_* *_-'One of my favorites :')'-_*
Hoodie Proxy (1 year ago)
*_-'I just realized there was another one of her songs, when I read the description, X3.'-_*
Morticia's Melody (1 year ago)
The first song is historical commentary, calm down. If you have a mental illness then maybe instead of being "this is a personal attack!" about it maybe try and understand different coping mechanisms and understand it isn't all about you. I used dark humour to cope with mine before I got help and am much more proud of being better than having the illness.
Chaosium (2 years ago)
I legitimately cannot find "Johnny Hollow -Worse Things" ANYWHERE other than on this playlist, why?
Chaosium (2 years ago)
much appreciated
Wiremux (2 years ago)
try here: https://johnnyhollow.bandcamp.com/album/dirty-hands This is their bandcamp page, you can buy the whole album
Potato Kitty (2 years ago)
0:00 Emilie Autumn - Girls, Girls, Girls 6:11 Amoree Lovell - Dark Town Sally 8:24 The Dresden Dolls - Mandy Goes to Med School 13:05 Johnny Hollow -Worse Things 16:39 Clare Fader - Big Bang Theory Man 21:25 Birdeatsbaby - The Trouble 26:02 Ray Childish - Vengeance Tango 29:23 Bitter Ruin - Chewing Gum 33:45 Stolen Babies Tablescrap 37:42 Amoree Lovell - Katherine 41:00 Tragic Tantrum Cabaret - Excuse Me Mr. 44:15 Clare Fader - Betty Crocker's Bail 47:37 Victoria and the Vaudevillains - This is War Mother Fucker 51:46 Ray Childish - Corpse Bride 56:05 Circus Contraption - 23 Beers 59:23 The Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism 1:02:25 Emilie Autumn - Mad Girl (Acoustic) 1:06:20 Clare Fader - Sister of Mine Although all these are in the description, I think this might help for those who forgot to check and are wondering what songs are what!
Ayano Arazawa (11 months ago)
THANK YOU for this
Hvitserk (1 year ago)
Potato Kitty Thanks... Undy
SuperEriberry (2 years ago)
My favourite playlist right now. I have to be careful not to play it too often!
Casey Hughes (2 years ago)
More like the Bertha playlist. Any Jane eyre fans here?
Mandy-Michelle L. (1 year ago)
That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of the playlist, tbh.
Caboose (2 years ago)
I was constipated....this album cured me :D
Dita fon teese (2 years ago)
Willian Correa (2 years ago)
Muito bom este som.. me faz lembrar um tempo que nunca vivi...
Ryn Bean (2 years ago)
Emilie Autumn and Dresden Dolls!!
Villain HalloWorld (2 years ago)
These songs made me smile
Gabriel Quorrumyzxz (2 years ago)
my audio went out right as the players to was getting really good.anyway hurray for all the musicians on this playlist with modern decay experiments such as heartland country (even with the pomp and parody of the beautiful Bubba Sparxxx)it still feels like you're gonna die and lie unnoticed in an abandoned floor of the hospital you're in,full of "right to death machines,cyanide in hairs littered everywhere and ,..yes..,even holding tanks with smashed windows and bombed out dormitory style wahhrds with helter-skelter shelter spray painted on the wall,... in hindi (no offense),everytime you hear this "ripped new leather couch ,with blood, music "on your am OR fm radio expecting you to go work for parakeet turds and be proud because u.s. friendly fire mangled up a bunch of normal ,good looking husbands and fathers as you pulled the pulsating stark raving covers over your head because you were mad at the wives for pushing them into leaving their 5 and three year old son behind.so it's really a great compromise with blood spirits of Israel to have begun registering as a conscientious objector at THE AGE OF 9*and an even better one to hear real white style country music (I hate the yellow grass term)now that I'm man enough not to play around with Marianas and in most cases with themselves without the ambition to love (acton verb)and other which is all a part of living in a love terminal,caring about those who raised you and thosethose out were raised with and being willing to return to your hometown before you actually die on floor 13 of ft. worth st. lucys hospice when your Virgin ass contracts aids, from what?inhaling pollen from sniffing a bouquet of posies?!?!?!?!?.??!!! yet, nevertheles...............
Mia. BlackVelvet (2 years ago)
Kayla Levay (2 years ago)
Is that Mr. Bear in that image?
Ionuț-Dragoș Plesa (2 years ago)
Sachiko Youko Sei (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for sharing! You wrote every single tittle and the minute! Thank you for your work!
pig willnot (2 years ago)
michele beart (2 years ago)
Phillip H George (2 years ago)
Well, Done Bravo!
MySpanishlady (2 years ago)
:) :) :) :) :) :)
Mistress Roach (2 years ago)
Fell in love as soon as I heard Emilee Autumn.
Mistress Roach (2 years ago)
I'm sorry?
ci m (2 years ago)
poor bear
Justin Ranger (2 years ago)
I heard like the first 10 seconds of this video and i asked myself does that sound like Emilie Autumn, I checked the description and said fuck yea i was right.
martinakizZz (2 years ago)
I know how you feel :>>
Hurensohn (2 years ago)
Awsome mix Girls Girls Girls :D
ARTificial Absinthe (2 years ago)
Which song is this, at 13:09? The music is absolutly gorgeous. And whose the interpret, please.
Leviathan (2 years ago)
+ARTificial Absinthe yea man overreacted a bit, sry ^^
Irene the Fire Cat (2 years ago)
+ARTificial Absinthe I think he was a little annoyed i guess. There should be no harm in asking questions :)
ARTificial Absinthe (2 years ago)
Comment what? Doesn't matter. "Description" was enough. New device trouble. It is not necessary to be a ruffian.
Irene the Fire Cat (2 years ago)
+Leviathan I literally just said that xD Some people are lazy i guess
Leviathan (2 years ago)
description.... at least try to read it before making a comment btw its Johnny Hollow - worse things
The 1st song reminded me of Evelyn Evelyn
Thoseweirdgirls (3 years ago)
emilie Autumn right off the bat. good good.
twistedstich (3 years ago)
sounds like emily autumn for "the mad Women int he Attic song collection"
The Wake Up Ride (3 years ago)
Many of my favs songs are in this compilation. Thanks for putting this together!! It would be awesome if you could put this as individual songs in a playlist. Just lovit!! Thanks again!
I am Ghostie (3 years ago)
Emilie Autumn! Haha, I can recognize that voice anywhere!
Moonlight Sonata (1 year ago)
Yes, she and Amanda Palmer have a strong style and an unique voice.
I am Ghostie (2 years ago)
+Quenton Gale Will rude people like you shut the hell up and let us enjoy our favorite artists? What the fuck is the matter with you? Stick up your ass, or you're naturally this rude to everyone? Like, holy hell. Grow the fuck up. Why do you have to go around killing the moods of others, and why bother responding to me? Do you see what year I posted that comment? Honestly. It's apparently you don't Emilie Autumn, but fuck. Don't be that person on the internet. You're far better than that, I'm sure.
Jessica JSK (3 years ago)
I listen to this while I play Dota 2 with my friends. We really are crazy girls
trevor bgs (2 years ago)
Women playing video games? Impossible.
Russian Kawaii (3 years ago)
+Jessica JSK Well aren't you something
AliceofRed (3 years ago)
Emilie Autumn is a unusual yet lovely soul.
Ian Michalski (3 years ago)
8:29 I had not heard a song I recognized yet in any of these compilations, but I do know the voice I'm hearing now couldn't be anyone else but Amanda Palmer. That haunting voice has played in my head a million times or more.
Jivo Penov (3 years ago)
Wiremux I love you!More flowers to come..
João Fernandes (3 years ago)
Great play list ... thanks! :)
TSal Mei (3 years ago)
Short-story The Yellow Wallpaper from Charlotte Perkins Gilman is the reading you are searching for right now. Good to be woman of nowadays.
UnbalancedChaos (3 years ago)
I wish there was a download link for this.
Skulleb Stitches (3 years ago)
My fav artists on this list are The Dresden Dolls, Amoree Lovell, Circus Contraption, and Stolen Babies. Just saying haha
G -WM (3 years ago)
Jenny B (3 years ago)
Where did you find the photo of the woman on the bed with the bear, please?
Chris Edward (1 year ago)
I think it's a leg.
Camilo Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Sure a lovely pic.
Valentin Alexandrescu (1 year ago)
what s with the tail?
Jenny B (3 years ago)
Thanks for the share! There are great photos here!
Wiremux (3 years ago)
+Jenny B here: http://viola.bz/weird-vintage-photographs/
yocto (3 years ago)
Heard of Katzenjammer Kabarett? It would go nice with your playlists of Dark Kabarett.
Carol Duff (3 years ago)
hahahah that was fantastic...and funny lol
OkeRekz (3 years ago)
Music for drunk girls , very good. xD
Min Chan (3 years ago)
how is this "oh, shame on you for using mental illness for money" but people are fine with the movie Sucker Punch? #selectivelyoffended
Sarah Gray (2 years ago)
Yeah...or Rain Man, for that matter!
Reaux Bo (3 years ago)
Girls Girls Girls sounds like "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and The Beast".
Katy jean (1 year ago)
HAHA! I hadn't thought about that but you're right!
Flame Werewolf (1 year ago)
Dokuro Emily (4 years ago)
I don't understand why people are upset with her using mental illness for money. What's wrong with that? How is that different from singing about sex or using past relationships to write songs? This is perhaps even more authentic of her, aren't artists suppose to use their emotions and experiences as inspirations for their works? :)
Enthalpia Entropia (1 year ago)
You're right anonymity;loser life
Maxell deNomie (1 year ago)
Dokuro Emily that's what females do...?
people complain about things like that out of jealousy cause they have no talent to make money of all they have is the anonymity
trevor bgs (2 years ago)
+Daniela Červená, ja?
Daniela Červená (2 years ago)
trevor bgs
Caleigh Tilson (4 years ago)
Everyone arguing in the comments is missing the fact that she is writing this song (girls girls girls) and describing what was considered a mental illnesses and how they del with it in the 1800s. She is speaking about mental illnesses from a personal experiance and a historical viewpoint. She's not using her mental illness for money, I don't know where in the hell any of you got that idea. She uses her talent to earn money thanks verry much. Why would she need to exploit a mental illness when she has a talent for singing and songwriting. You immature picks need to grow a brain and use it before you comment, seriously. I get the fact that mental illnesses are not something to be terribly proud of and that they are misserable. But you need to really pay attention to the song and the lyrics *cough* and research*cough* before taking a defensive viewpoint and automatically feeling offended. I was slightly offended with how she was describing women in the song, then I listened closer and realised it was just how women were viewed in the time frame the song is set in.
chelonianmobile (7 months ago)
People with severe autism and similar disabilities get raped a LOT, because it's assumed they can't communicate what happened to anyone else. And in a lot of cases that's correct, whether because they really are that badly impaired or because the people around them are jerks who won't *try* to communicate with them.
Sarah Randall (1 year ago)
Sarah Gray, if you have it, maybe you're better off not saying that you have it, so that us "better people" WON'T think you're a freak.
tylermech66 (1 year ago)
I have it too, though have never experienced anything to do with sexual objectiveness, maybe it's a female thing?
Maxell deNomie (1 year ago)
Caleigh Tilson sounds as if u have a personal stake in all this...?
Michael Mclaughlin (2 years ago)
Who treats you as sexual objects? I don't understand. Michael
Lucero SanPer (4 years ago)
Genial! Podrias agregar tambien una cancion de "The Romanovs", una gran banda con toques de Cabaret. 
DireConsenquences (4 years ago)
Emilie Autumn  treats mental illness like a cash cow. I fucking hate that woman. disgusting pig.
DisneyDreamworks Dork (1 year ago)
DireConsenquences And since you seem to think you are an expert on Emilie's work, did you forget that songs like girls girls girls are historical songs, based on fact? Mental hospitals were used to put away perfectly healthy and sane women for the myriad reasons we hear in the song. Also people paying to see the "insane" was common in the time as well. I'd recommend you educate yourself before you continue to lower the entire comment section's IQ.
Zelda del West (1 year ago)
So she's more skilled at it than you. Boooodeeee hooo.
Zelda del West (1 year ago)
I'll bet everyone who reads this gets that you're mentally ill. Really.
Lam Julian (1 year ago)
I fucking hate you. disgusting pig
Aera Steele (1 year ago)
Lol, triggered libtard
Magnus Monroe (4 years ago)
Hi could you tell me were you got the pic I'm in love with it lol
Aradne Wiremux (4 years ago)
Hey, I got it from this site: http://viola.bz/weird-vintage-photographs/ There are many other cool vintage photos
Cheyenne Petersen (4 years ago)
Emilie and Amanda Palmer 👌👌👌
Kimberly Dobrosky (4 years ago)
banq0o (4 years ago)
respect! 8-)
Arturo Zafra (5 years ago)
So happy to find my beloved Emilie Autumn in the top of the list <3 Spread the Plague!
Marco Jurado (5 years ago)
You should include the band Curse in the Woods on your next installment of Dark Cabaret compilation. :)
Jada Fonseca (5 years ago)
for some reason this reminds me of the second book to miss peregrines home for peculiar children, Hollow city, oh such good books!
depresso crow (1 year ago)
Jada Fonseca omg it does. I love that series
Réka Kovács (5 years ago)
Nagyon tetdzik a csatornád!!Ès a mixek is nagyon jók
Tony McLean (5 years ago)
I love this.
Kreepy Katie (5 years ago)
i hear emilie autumn :3
One moe (5 years ago)
could you put the artist and the name of the songs?  that would be great man!
One moe (4 years ago)
ty bro. when i heard it it didnt have that. and i forgot about it lol.
Alice Brouillard (4 years ago)
+Player-one moe Look at the complete description :)
Pablo EscoBear (5 years ago)
yes pls.Would like to download this seperately.good job!!!

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