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Eli Young Band - Crazy Girl (Official Music Video)

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Best of Eli Young Band: https://goo.gl/MtUnya Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/vUpYi4 Music video by Eli Young Band performing Crazy Girl. (C) 2011 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. #EliYoungBand #CrazyGirl #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (5218)
Ari Vega (15 hours ago)
Thank you Sir!!! A real awakening, and i will always love her!!!!
beverly davis (17 hours ago)
The best ones are 😉
Kelly Oyen (2 days ago)
This is another good Eli Young Band song.
Linda Dodo (3 days ago)
I'm the crazy gurl. Love being me.
Melissa Cruz (6 days ago)
Manngam Phom (7 days ago)
I ain't ever changing my mind...........nice song
Lyn Martinez (14 days ago)
Grows up to become a worm and the little boy n a mans body stays just that....
KARA LARSON (25 days ago)
My bf calls me crazy all the time and it’s rlly funny. We love each other a lot and he listens to this song even tho he doesn’t even like country music.
Michael Muturi (28 days ago)
"Crazy girl" am confused, is she in love with a crazy girl or love the girl like crazy?
Helen Veñales (29 days ago)
hi sizzy.
Salloom Molina (29 days ago)
Wooow nice song
Salloom Molina (29 days ago)
Hi po bagong kapitbahay mo
Ethan Denton (1 month ago)
I don't understand why she's locked up. Does anyone know?
Nat Smith (1 month ago)
Cant wait aug 23rd #Bullfloat 2019!!!! Missouri!!!
Penguinstudios123 (1 month ago)
the representation of mental hospitals is horrible but i love the song rip
Brianna Ricketson (1 month ago)
Love tat song so muh
Dora Davenport (1 month ago)
story of my life
Madison Wilson (1 month ago)
My crush sang this to me and now he still does i sing it with him💙💙
Zoe Scott (1 month ago)
Reminds me of my Boyfriend b cuz i have panic attacks and he's always there to hold me when I'm having one. He always says "you're crazy Baby but I love you" and he says "I'm never gonna leave you, i love you". This is kinda our song b cuz yes i admit I'm a little crazy but he loves me for who I am
Monster Zero (1 month ago)
Sing Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' over the ending of this. Also at the end of the video she should have whacked him over the head with a baseball bat after they escaped
yummskiwummsky751 (1 month ago)
best song ever written about me hands down!
Cory Dakis (1 month ago)
Thank you
tbone (1 month ago)
does any one else thinks he looks like jack black give me a thumbs up
wade Southerland (1 month ago)
anybody still listening in 2019
Eh Htunt (13 hours ago)
Im UP :P
Sparta Gaming (1 month ago)
Anyone else heard this 24/7 back in 2013-2017 when it would play on the bus 24/7 to school
Amanda Wooden (2 months ago)
My Goodness it's been three years and this song STILL gets to me. The pain from LOVE is at times unbearable....but I'm grateful for the years I was lucky enough to get to spend with Allen. My LIFE will NEVER be the same. I LOVE YOU Allen Randolph , Always Will, LOVE Manda
Kyra Mcbride (2 months ago)
John Shirden (2 months ago)
Me and my spouse both suffer from mental issues so fights and insecurities come naturally but this song keeps us laughing and together
Mexane Alexa (2 months ago)
Ur the love of my life crazy girl. I would never go, never leave u, I just hope u no, I can't be n an uncommitted relationship.
Haylee Roseberry (2 months ago)
finnick and annies song
Jeremy Simmons (2 months ago)
Please anyone else see how stupid the video is?
WT Farm Girl Videos (2 months ago)
What? This song has been out more than 3 years?! I JUST heard this on the radio and thought it was new!
Megan Wright (4 days ago)
This was jiimmy song to stacey
Ernest Joseph (2 months ago)
My x I will always love her this is her song
Desiree Lynn Spence (2 months ago)
I love you (R.C.B) you'll always have my heart babe! 💋 ~Xoxo, Your Crazy Girl 💕❤
Javier Moncada (2 months ago)
Beautiful being crazy.
Celena Martinez (2 months ago)
Don't put out there like that your crazy fukker 🤔
Becky Moore (2 months ago)
Eli Young has gotta me through some tough times. Love him💓
Derek Johnson (2 months ago)
I love this song
Taylor Ginn (2 months ago)
When are you guys coming to STL!!!???
Sensei Juan (3 months ago)
This song always reminds me of my ex-girlfriend from the early 90's. She was beautiful, loving but suffered from depression and came from a fucked up home. She moved out after 2 years because her family never accepted me because I was Taino. Unfortunately her life took a sever down fall afterwards.
jake Bowden (3 months ago)
Kinda interesting that i personality know your father but never hear your music
Ashley S (3 months ago)
It takes a strong man to love a bipolar woman with anxiety disorder! And I thank God that he sent me my king that loves my crazy💓
Julia Almendarez (3 months ago)
Brooke Lofton (3 months ago)
Julian Koviak (3 months ago)
You Tube is The Best
Smoke Break MMA (3 months ago)
Peanut butter waffles and her. You know who you are.
MsMusic4dance (3 months ago)
I miss froggy 104. TN in the house
Michael Decriscio (3 months ago)
I have a girl I love but she's in a fucked up relationship where her man beats her but she stay with him
Stacy Petrowski (3 months ago)
Don't let your past define you everyone beautiful 😋😋😋😋
L beck (3 months ago)
Hey here's a video of how to completely ruin a song.... Thumbs down,!!!!
rambojr03 (4 months ago)
They should have this on "The Bachelor". ;) LOL
Blue Lotus (4 months ago)
The saddest part about all of this is that mental illness isn't an illness at all. It's a misunderstanding (or intent by upper echelon maybe) of spiritual energy in the body. If they and she could learn to meditate, pray some demons away and recognize the amazingness that she is as a medium, all of this nonsense could be avoided. At least in this case it makes for sweet music. ☺️
Deception Thundercracker (4 months ago)
I lost it all. Lost everyone. Lost love. Lost myself. I went insane. I lost my mind. So many days left alone. Looking around and seeing all these couples. Together. With peace and sanity. And the nights drove me to madness eve further. Every night reminded upon the fact that I lost it all, and will continue until I die. This life is nothing but God's own twisted science experient. I cried, but no one heard me. I screamed out, but no one listened. I lost my mind after it all. This song reminds me of what I lost. Moral of my story is don't worry about what you lost. Love won't mean anything in a few years. People aren't necessary to live a life fully. And love isn't required to survive. I lost it all. And I will never get it back. In my life, only the bad come in for no other reason than God using me as a lab rat. Testing his twisted sense of humor on me. I feel like my life is meaningless. Love is now gone. It ran away. Beat me almost to death. Left me for dead. Abandoned me when I needed it most. And I learned. I learned to never need people. Never need love. Never need help. No one helped me. No one came to my rescue. I rescued myself. I saved myself. And so now I love for only me. Love has forgotten me. And it will forget you as well. Take it from me. Love will never trust you. Love will never like you. Love will never take you. It will instead hate you. Beat you. And leave you to die. And run away every time with someone else. Love is nothing more than an illusion. One that plays a cruel joke on the heart
Juanita Buron (4 months ago)
1/22/19 going to therapy so dont go anywhere. I'd lose my mind.18:10
Quailla Evans (4 months ago)
Beautiful song
Carla Freeman (4 months ago)
My boyfriend said I am crazy sometimes but he loves me and he would never go no where without me
Shytowngrl Me (4 months ago)
Just mine and one other 😊☺️😵
M.K Tuck (4 months ago)
My ex wife is crazy. There's nothing sweet about it though. Like the "slip poison in your coffee kid of crazy cause you didn't answer her text fast enough"
Karen Clute (4 months ago)
Thank you Bobber for still loving me after 28yrs!!! 😂 I love you so much!!! 😊
Bre Chaney (4 months ago)
Timothy Chaney I love you so much, I couldn't ask for anyone any better your the best. You have my heart Forever always
Cameron Carle (4 months ago)
Me and my mom love it
Trinity Owens (4 months ago)
The best song beacause my mom tout me
enissa diaz (4 months ago)
I love this so much ❤❤
Kelsey Gebbia (4 months ago)
I dedicate this song to chelsey gebbia 2008. 2019 miss you so much baby girl
Aung Khin Soe (4 months ago)
2019, still listening
Hrainey 18 (4 months ago)
This song is fire
Bryan Wilson (5 months ago)
Love you like crazy
Bryan Wilson (5 months ago)
Love this song. My wife has depression and bipolar too. I wouldn't trade her for the world either.
Luke Webb (5 months ago)
Is it just or does he kinda sound like Jason Aldean
samir rana (5 months ago)
still listening to this on 19th december 2018
Jaime Hassebrock (5 months ago)
I miss you so much
Maryann Gallegos (5 months ago)
Love this song my sister loves it she got me liking this song
April Swann (5 months ago)
My Favorite
Professor Pulp (6 months ago)
Crazy girl....Don’t you know that I love you?💜❤️
Jaylyn Gramz (6 months ago)
This is me and my grandpa's song.we had a grandfather and granddaughter dance at his wedding and it was to this song
A Smash Brother (6 months ago)
#76 Song of 2011. I had of bunch of crazy girls.
Chris Edmister (6 months ago)
This was the song to my ex. 10 years later I have no friends no family just me. I told her I would.
Cathrine Davis (6 months ago)
crazy girl don't uk I loveyou
Elif Çama (6 months ago)
It is very good sing . I am in the car but car is don't happened for listening music.
Dylan Joseph (6 months ago)
the guy at 0:33 almost looks like chester bennington from linkin park when he was younger tho
2018 and this is still my hubby song 2 me. If u knew what it took 4 us 2 be together it fits. But im not 2 crazy lol.
Jessica Carter (6 months ago)
I walked down the aisle to this song almost 3yrs ago. I just wished my soon to be exhusband would of walked away a few times. But after almost 8yrs together I couldn't keep taking the hits I'll always love this song it was perfect for us while we lasted
Emilee Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Love this song<3
SB MG (7 months ago)
Love this song
karthick liam (7 months ago)
Hey this song i sing in my one side lover than few seconds double side love😀😀😀😀😀😍😘😘
honey Badger (7 months ago)
HEY 2018!!!😁
Akesha Chapa (7 months ago)
Awww emilio has always said this is our song!! Carrie he is really fucking making her depressed!!! I am praying for her and u guys!! Is she crying
Dany NDAYAMBAJE (7 months ago)
in love with this amazing song since 2012 when i known it, it never be obsolete in my ears, we really do appreciate your work @eli young band. keep ahead good work. here in Rwanda we feel much grateful with your works
Jannat Bae (7 months ago)
I just got it as a ded'n from tooro boyfrd can u imagine I was forced to look for it in here oh my I can't hold it any longer wish he was nearer n hug him so tight this long distance relationship sucks 😢😢😢😢 my crazy boy I miss u
Kasey Collins (7 months ago)
This used to be mine and my husbands song. He dedicated it to me. I have depression really bad. Sadly , after 10 years he's talking to other women. I'm so fucking heartbroken. I love you Tom with all of my heart, you'll probably never see this. Do you remember when this used to be our song? You'd sing it to me in the car? All of my hospitalizations...all of the times you rescued me...I'm sorry I can't get better . I'm sorry I am so jealous over those girls at your work. I hope you miss me when I'm gone.
Roger Diotte (7 months ago)
Your alive and listened to, he's listening oh he's listening... Focus on you now... It's your time to live! Choose wisely crazy girl!
sandra Ferrington (7 months ago)
Crazy girl , hopes to meet you tommorrow. What are my chances hope there good.
sandra Ferrington (7 months ago)
Sounds a lot like me
Andrea Rivera (7 months ago)
Melissa Leon (7 months ago)
Am NOT a country music fan but omg I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️
CuriousCadu Gaming (7 months ago)
This reminds me of my ex that left me. I still dream of her, and miss her everyday. This was our song. I'd play and sing for her. I miss the way shed look at me.
CeCelia Lawrence (7 months ago)
My dad dedicated this song to my mom. I'm blessed to have a daddy that loves my mom this way. It shows me what kind of man ( when I start dating ) I want in my life
I love this song so much! Reminds me of a special person who I will not forget, ever! I love you so much! And I hope to see you soon! You will always have my heart!
Darlene Chiasson (7 months ago)
Crazy.. of past!..❤️
Alan Scott (8 months ago)
I love you like crazy Jennifer...
janet hatfield (8 months ago)
this song make me think of mike lewis

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