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Nice Girls | CRAZY Nice Girl Stories [6]

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Nice Girls | CRAZY Nice Girl Stories [6] | kinda like the stuff you find on r/nicegirls, except in story form! r/nicegirlstories : https://www.reddit.com/r/nicegirlstories r/niceguystories : https://www.reddit.com/r/niceguystories r/talesofneckbeards : https://www.reddit.com/r/talesofneckbeards Send Your Stories to [email protected] || My Stuff || Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/yourcue Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/CuestarVideos Insta https://www.instagram.com/cuestarvideos/ || Affiliate Links || Shure SM58 Mic ON SALE now https://amzn.to/2BgwUq2 Cheap Pop Filter I use https://amzn.to/2RrBTwX Logitech C920 Webcam https://amzn.to/2RPdca7 TurtleBeach Recon 50X Headset https://amzn.to/2DzlyzE Sweet Cheap Sony Earbuds : on SALE now! https://amzn.to/2K4xz0A
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Cuestar (17 days ago)
Cue : posts video and uses the power of sal to protect the innocent youth of youtube from naughty words. Youtube : DEMONETIZED
chase trowell (5 days ago)
@- SwanCake - aka snowflake am I right 😆
Clayton Paisley (12 days ago)
But I just sat through a two minute ad what does this MEAN
Karen Chungus (13 days ago)
Just made the likes 666 yeeT
Betsy Mills (15 days ago)
Orange Juice (15 days ago)
Cuestar Im watching the ads that I do get. As always :)
3 33 (1 day ago)
There's always that kind of girl\ boy that don't know how to say no clearly when people want something else whith them. They either really clumsy or actually jercks that want attention 24/7. Honestly this kind of People just need grow up and face a rejection to
E6Aires (1 day ago)
nice girl nice guy nice attack helicopter
ISLAM_HUNTER _77 (1 day ago)
*guy wont go out with nice girl* Nice girl: C O M M E N C E R A P E.
apple juice (2 days ago)
Foot cheese
harley james (4 days ago)
I thaught this girl was alright. I was thinking about asking her out. Then one day when we were talking she told me she was a lesbian...... fuck
Vaccine (5 days ago)
I’m gunna Kermit Sewer Slide and gump off the FIB building
Madman Media (5 days ago)
that last story seemed way oversexed for middle schoolers
Élizaabizarre 2 Greg (7 days ago)
5:00 that kinda looks like a story of mine. So, to start of I am bisexual, but I am mostly attracted to guys. I Was in a new school (it was the school's first year) and a lot of my friends stayed at my old school. I eventually made new one, who were actually pretty nice! My friend, let's call her Maria, Was at my old school. We had a pretty strong relationship, but we didn't have feelings for each other, at least I thought she didn't… so now, let's start! My friend, let's call him Hugo, Was a new friend that I made at this new school. He once told me on discord he had feelings for me and I did have feelings for him, so we were now a couple. I told Maria about it and, well, she Was like: << Oh Nice! I am happy for you!>> And I really appreciated her reaction, because, at least she Was not quirky about it. Moving forward to about 2 hours, she grabbed my butt. I looked at her, but I thought it Was just like friendly(???( wth Was I thinking?)) Next day, Hugo told me that he suspected Maria having a crush on me. I told him that no, she told me anyways I Was not her type. I tell her about What he said (with Hugo), to which she respond to: " Hum yes, I did have feelings for you…" I just left the scene. Hugo Went to me and asked me What Was wrong, I told him What she did to me. He said nothing. We had to go to another class, which is phys ed. Maria Was in this class, and while we change, I notice that she looks at me. Not my face, but my body. Few months pass by, and she did this everyday. I told Hugo about it, he told me that I should go Tell someone about it. I didn't and instead, told Maria that I didn't want to be friends with her. Bad choice. She told Everybody she knew that I AM THE ONE WHO IS ANOYING AS F**K. I mean, HOW dare you?! Another week passes by and the WHOLE SCHOOL knews What I "apparently" did. A lot of people, who were My friends, told me to Break up with Hugo, because it Was his fault, then I should be friends with Maria. I told them that it's my choice, and It's not because of Hugo. Random person: YEAH? BUT WOULD YOU LIKE BEING REJECTED BY YOUR FRIENDS??? MARIA IS THE ONE SUFFURING. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? SHE WAS RIGHT: YOU ARE JUST A FAT HOE. I almost SCREAMED at them to shut up. But I just left. Two or three days after, Maria decided to use a new method. She Went where Hugo and I were discussing about a science project, and told me: Maria: " I am so sorry! It Was just a joke! I want to be friends with you again! Please, and we'll try to end this drama together! " To which I responded to: Me: " YOU started this drama! YOU made me pass as a stone hearted person. AND, you try to be My friend again? What the heck is wrong with you?" She Was shocked. She screamed at me with a really pitchy voice what Was inaudible. She told her mother about What I "did" and my french teacher Asked me my version of it. I mostly cried, but got through it. She told me she understands, and she would Tell Maria to move places, because Maria decided to be beside me. The same week, in phys ed, Maria Was not changing with all of the other girls, but she Was changing in the washroom. (Yes, until the end of the year) Thank god and don't see her anymore! I moved back to my old school, and I don't see her anymore!!! P.S.: Yes, she Was a liar. She lied to me since we met. She once told me her hand got amputated, and it growned back. P.S. 2: Sorry if my english Was bad. My native language is french so Yeah Sorry.
TommGR (7 days ago)
Hugo Boncar (8 days ago)
"feet fetcher". wat
Pitchaxistheorem (9 days ago)
Men-Hating-Feminists in the making
Banoffee De Fairikaik (11 days ago)
So wait, if I put random words I have a shot at getting my comment in the beginning of a video? Okay... Foot
bobo fattt (11 days ago)
Cue I'm trying to grow my channel, you are one of my favorite youtuber channels and it would be huge to me if you would be my 39th subscriber. God bless brother
Tuulia Tamminen (12 days ago)
Scott/Angelica is so fiction. :D
Feathertoes ! (12 days ago)
sewer slide
Feathertoes ! (12 days ago)
4:10 same here matey
Josh Holden (13 days ago)
"Ironically or unironically' Yes, those are the options.
Rachel Von Lee (13 days ago)
I just want cue to say my name in an intro.
I have the same name as the first girl and I’m feeling really weird, not really expected to see it pop up on an American channel about reddit...also she’s a beeswax
ImaNerdANDaGeek (14 days ago)
9:05 honestly I believe her self diagnosis on the sociopathy
Patty Krabbies (14 days ago)
Fake laughter 10/10
UltimateEmpress (14 days ago)
“Sewer slide”
Sulcuryalt Inone (14 days ago)
Don’t do sewer slide.
How can you be bipolar but a sociopath too? Um ok
Lil Tpose (14 days ago)
nottheonlysinner (14 days ago)
“Sewer slide is bad ass!”
Cupcake Draws (15 days ago)
Sad you have to censor “sexuality”
Drago Draws (15 days ago)
We hang out in very different circles, cue. In my Group of Gays™, we say no homo all the time
Tom Griffiths (15 days ago)
Horse💩 angelica is a mad cow
jefferson elidor (15 days ago)
some people still used no homo nothing wrong
JerryTheNerd (15 days ago)
Ok i somewhat relate to this Cas story because this happened to someone I'm friends with at MY school
Megaque (15 days ago)
Holy Shit that first story was actually mine, can't believe Cue did a video on it!
I would have let cas commit sewer slide
Cristian Mercado (15 days ago)
nice girls are just tsunderes that are really bad at being being tsunderes
Danni Masters Studio (15 days ago)
I laughed when you said "Sewer slide" to censor out the word "suicide" Brilliant cover up and the disgusting mental image is appreciated lol 😂💩🤢🤮🙈 (Not meaning to sound offensive or insensitive)
AHappy Goth (15 days ago)
Dat laugh at 2:46 tho. Sounds like a high school female anime villain. Skate on, Team Rocket, I see you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kyra Smith (15 days ago)
For a long time I was the I dont want a relationship type. I preferred to just have fuck buddies and that. Well, I met this guy at the beginning of this year, and we started dating. People were like mad that I was with him, while we were out one night someone walked past him and punched him in the gut, it was so crowded we didnt even see who did it because he just dropped out of nowhere and I went to look at him, not the people around us. People would tell him lies about me to break us up and all that fun stuff. Guess the guys around me didnt like not being able to use me as some sex object anymore, or at least talk about me like I was one because I may have liked to sleep around but I'm also picky and get to know the person first, exchange some important information. I might like sex but I'm no idiot. So, that was a lot of fun to deal with. It caused a lot of arguments because I'm just here completely committed to this person for the first time in a while and I just want that, and hes hearing all these lies from miffed guys who weren't ever going to even get to look at me let alone touch me anyway.
aduialel (15 days ago)
I had that first situation happen to me twice in high school. Before I started dating my eventual husband (EH), I asked one of my guy friends if he wanted to date. He said he needed to think about it, but within the next couple of days, he was dating someone else..I started dating EH a couple of months after that, but none of my male friends apparently believed I actually was dating someone. Then they met him and FREAKED OUT (in their own special ways). Guy I'd asked out tricked me into kissing him after I gave him a ride home He said, "Hey, can I tell you a secret? Come closer." Then grabbed my head, kissed me, and ran out of my car. He ran away from me every time he saw me for a couple of days after that. The other guy I now recognize as a Nice Guy™. He became SUPER OBSESSED with whether or not I'd been... intimate... with EH. Eventually, he freaked out at me over AIM (I'm old), saying I only cared about EH's D. And that's the beginning of how I began to lose all my friends while I was in high school! 😅
Megaque (15 days ago)
that's crazy, I'm actually the guy who posted the first story btw
Megaque (15 days ago)
that's crazy, I'm actually the guy who posted the first story btw
Dis I like (15 days ago)
First story sounds little r/quityourbullshit
PizzaHut Honoka (16 days ago)
Angelica? Name checks out.
Lily (16 days ago)
Two words: sewer slide
MeganKoumori (16 days ago)
Well Cass did warn you that she's a sociopath.
Stupid Normie (16 days ago)
Are we ever going to resurrect the Discord
YourPalAL (16 days ago)
Those damn Sewer slides keep taking lives!
Shane Norton (16 days ago)
You already did that second story
ThomaZThuMann12 Raisor (16 days ago)
Listened to this video while playing Minecraft it was great
Anije mur (16 days ago)
Noodle scaboodle
Archer Elyse (16 days ago)
Dude please make an r/talesofneckbeards vid
Emily R (16 days ago)
I fall asleep to your videos every night. You’re the best, keep up the fantastic videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilith Sterling (16 days ago)
About the Michelle story, I actually have a similar story, except a less mean version. In my last year of high school, I got a crush on a close friend of mine. I didn’t want to tell her at first because I was still kinda confused about my sexuality (we were both girls) and I also didn’t want to damage our friendship. One day, though, we were talking one on one and she started grilling me on who I liked. I admitted that I liked her, but she said she wasn’t interested in me like that. It was a little embarrassing, but I understood and moved on, and we stayed friends. A month or two later I met a guy who went to a different school, and we ended up dating. My friend started acting weird when I talked about him, trying to change the topic, getting annoyed if I was texting him while she was around, etc. After a while, she says that she’s changed her mind and she liked me now. I still kinda liked her, but also liked my bf and didn’t want to leave him for her. I ended up dating both of them (not as in cheating, they knew about each other and claimed to be cool with it, though it stirred up other drama down the line). Not a super exciting story, and I ended up breaking up with both of them towards the end of the school year, but it was related and I thought I’d share.
Voixen (16 days ago)
uh, about the first story, my moms name is Michelle and her husbands name is Scott lmfao
Megaque (15 days ago)
That's hilarious, I'm the one who posted the first story btw
Megaque (15 days ago)
That's hilarious, I'm the one who posted the first story btw
The13th Rose (16 days ago)
Rugrats was right. I've never met a nice girl named Angelica
lukazade06 (16 days ago)
Children are radioactive
Robert Fairbank (16 days ago)
The first story could never happen to me because that would require one person finding me attractive and then a second person trying to win me over right after. Both are impossible
Holly Coles (16 days ago)
I don't know why, nicegirlstories are my favorite. They're just so batshit crazy
The Warlocke (16 days ago)
'sewer-slide' Dunno why that was so funny to me
Lizard Man (16 days ago)
He said no homo, but I could tell he was lying
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the guy who wrote it, it was a joke
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the guy who wrote it, it was a joke
Kyle (16 days ago)
Lolimacowism V2.0 (16 days ago)
Yes daddy
itismetotori (16 days ago)
I used to be a nice girl, such bitter times
Barbara Bermudes (16 days ago)
Wow. My nephews suscribed me to your channel.
Haley Nichole (16 days ago)
Good guy Cue saving everyone from dehydration one video at a time!
Gerard Pickle (16 days ago)
Me: *posts a comment on cues video* Me: *sees my own comment* Me, every time without fail: hey I just posted that! Someone’s stealing my jokes >:(
Rice Krisbees (16 days ago)
*_S E W E R S L I D E_*
Gerard Pickle (16 days ago)
Jack Doyle (16 days ago)
Cue is our hero
Feet fetcher (16 days ago)
Rice Krisbees (16 days ago)
The 1st one is totally a teenage drama or movie plot lmao
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the one who posted the story originally, and that was my thoughts exactly as I was posting it
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the one who posted the story originally, and that was my thoughts exactly as I was posting it
silvercandra (16 days ago)
8:30 Sewerslide!
Brandon Daniels (16 days ago)
I've experienced that like 2 twice. Trying to be friends with the girl i liked and hopefully date. Said she wasnt interested and it kind of hurt my ego since i was in highschool. But i respected her choice and then find a new crush. End up dating crush and friend is now upset about me dating someone and how we should be together blah blah blah. It's really annoying and happens to people too many times.
SpookyMcBooty (16 days ago)
but are we SURE there was no homo??
SpookyMcBooty (14 days ago)
@Megaque This is an acceptable answer my quest for knowledge ends here
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the guy who posted the first story, and I can assure you there was no homo
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the guy who posted the first story, and I can assure you there was no homo
The Canadian Viking (16 days ago)
My favourite accent, thot!
Massive Legend (16 days ago)
Hoi goys its may poirosynicaul an ohm fat
Jake Tinsley (16 days ago)
Had 2 girls that were at one point my ex and a girl I was crushing on respectively send me and my Fiance thirsty FB messages. Ex was all "I miss you, no one I've dated treats me like you did, please come back I can't live without you" Blocked her, as she strung me along in a long distance relationship all the while cheating on me. And the girl I once had a crush on, but rejected me in highschool contacted me with a "Hey, remember me from highschool?" And after some friendly conversation she asked me out, telling me her senior boyfriend (the reason she rejected me back then) raped her and dumped her and she wants to hang out. My response was "cool! Can my Fiancè come?" She blocked me.
green tea (16 days ago)
i have bipolar disorder and let me tell u, when i told my bestfriend about it she asked for a video explaining it so she could help me. i send her a video and she starts spamming me with vids like "5 signs u have ptsd" "5 signs u have depression" etc she then later says "i went to the doc and apparently i have ptsd, depression, anxiety, bipolar 1, split personality etc. this was obviously a self diagnosis as u cant be diagnosed with all that after one doctor visit. after that everytime ive told her about my feelings and how i needed help she would try to "upstage" me. i'd say i wasnt happy that day and she'd tell me "i felt like dying today" she would try to make it seem like she had it worse and took every opportunity to tell people her mental illnesses.
Think How (16 days ago)
Sewer slide
Yusef Dali (16 days ago)
Naman Paul (16 days ago)
grodrz (16 days ago)
Almond Milk Uwu (16 days ago)
Chimkin nungketr
Mia Serrano (16 days ago)
The laugh of Angelica shall fuel me and me grandchildren for the rest of our days. (That was hecka funny my guy) (pro homo)
Channelrat 1988 (16 days ago)
Hey cue!!!! I’m a nanny! The four month old I care for is the most impossible baby to get to sleep! I was trying to listen to your video while the baby was happy and he fell asleep! Then I learned that he falls asleep so fast if he’s listening to you!! So now when he’s upset or tired all I have to do is listen to you and he’s out cold! Thanks!!! You have quite the young fan now! He won’t sleep for any other persons voice or video. Thank you for this!!!!👏🏻❤️😭
John Remmers (16 days ago)
Sewer slide 🤣
Damn_girl_chill (16 days ago)
It’s like when you throw away a toy but the second you see someone else having fun with it you want it back.
kittikoko (16 days ago)
Still didn't quite get the submissions email - kewsups? kiyuzubz?
Katelyn Randall (16 days ago)
Yall ever just wanna eat ur own ears?
Skystar of SproutClan (16 days ago)
::000 cant believe how much words you had to censor (and also, yes. sewer slide)
Caroliine (16 days ago)
HOL UP how do you have anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc. with being a sociopath meaning you don’t feel those things... HMMKMKMHKMM
Why can't I eat the cheeseburger
Pag (16 days ago)
Snowy (16 days ago)
Shell sandwiches
Jaimee Armstead (16 days ago)
I hate the stories that take place in middle/high school. Everyone’s over dramatic and crazy at that age, you’re dealing with these kinds of relationships and feelings for the first time. I can’t really enjoy laughing at stories about 13 year olds being weird.
Bat Husband (16 days ago)
Oh yeah, 7th grade was a rough time. A lot of people were like that. I was a toxic bitch from 7th-8th, I’m better now and have learned from my mistakes
How ok earth did you just find out about r/nicegirls Also what’s the tapping I can hear on the second story sounds like a bottle being tapped
Glitch RS (16 days ago)
SacredWounds (16 days ago)
Elijah Dowsett (16 days ago)
I know this isn't related but this guy was spewing slurs at me and my friends for no reason and when I say slurs I mean some serious stuff. I went to tell someone who could actually do something about this but it seems that they weren't entirely listening because instead of talking to the guy who said it they started getting really angry at me. They clearly thought that I was saying these things to people and the guy who actually said it wasn't even told to stop.
SuperSenshi (16 days ago)
I'm just picturing that the Angelica from the first story is the same one from the Rugrats cartoon. Makes things a lot more amusing. XD
Megaque (15 days ago)
I posted the first story and Angelica is nowhere near the cartoon version
Megaque (15 days ago)
I posted the first story and Angelica is nowhere near the cartoon version
dodopoopinpoop (15 days ago)
First story is another good example is that, the only way to get back at someone who friend zoned you or rejected you is to get with someone better then them. It's so dumb but works everytime. When they see that you just moved up to something else, all of a sudden you are the hottest thing on Earth.
dodopoopinpoop (15 days ago)
@Megaque I heard about that. Cause I heard about something similar with these women that get dolled up together to go to the bar, just to see how many men ask them out. It was to test out their "market value" as they said. I guess that's their game they just play but it seems pretty sad to me. To have a ego based around how attractive you are, as if that's all that matters or to tease men just to get off on the attention. It's boardline sociopathic but maybe I just don't get it whatever.
Megaque (15 days ago)
@dodopoopinpoop Yeah, I had actually told another one of my female friends this story and they told me she just wanted him there to stroke her own ego, you have girls like angelica that get off on the idea that there's someone who wants them but you'll never give them the time of day
dodopoopinpoop (15 days ago)
@Megaque Thanks for sharing the story. It just confirms what I've seen in my own life. It's almost too hilarious and predictable how these stuck up shallow women will act when they seen that you've moved on.
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the one that made the first post, I had actually told Scott when he and Michelle started dating that I bet Angelica will want him now as a joke, little did we know how right I actually was...
Megaque (15 days ago)
I'm the one that made the first post, I had actually told Scott when he and Michelle started dating that I bet Angelica will want him now as a joke, little did we know how right I actually was...

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