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JOHNNY RIVERS - Secret Agent Man 1966

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Johnny Rivers was born as John Ramistella and became Johnny Rivers because Allan Freed gave him this alias or atistic name. He get much success in 60's with this and other hits, like "Poor Side of Town". Johnny is one of the best of Rock & Roll all times ¡¡¡
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Text Comments (4735)
Captain Freedom (13 hours ago)
When your secret is that you’re an Asian man.
mfrmorrobay (13 hours ago)
I thought it used to be 'Secret Oriental Man.'
Leslie Hamilton (14 hours ago)
2019 dear music this is called real talent <3
AurielAlpha (15 hours ago)
One of the greatest rock-tunes ever! in 1988 the band Hittman did an AWESOME COVER of "Secret Agent Man!" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnhtSOTG6cuDT6ViW1nX-6Q
Greg Shur (1 day ago)
White people can't dance.
Patrick Surgeon (1 day ago)
Is he wearing blue eye makeup? Or just my imagination
Gw Gw (2 days ago)
Trump theme song!!!😂😂😂😂
Eulogia Rojas (2 days ago)
Sexy song!
Nintendo should hire this man.
Gypsy Witch (2 days ago)
I love this song and the musician
John Linnon (3 days ago)
Is he still playing?
Debra Fernandes (3 days ago)
I was 11 when this song came out, and I thought it was Secret Asian man.😂
SmashMan108 (3 days ago)
Teen titans
Aaron S. (4 days ago)
Nintendo hire this man!
ccccooooollllllllll (4 days ago)
Nintendo, HIRE THIS MAN!
Shigeru Miyamoto (4 days ago)
Cbass223 (4 days ago)
It still sounds like he’s saying “Secret Asian Man” and I think that would be a very racist yet very funny parody Edit: never mind Da Vinci’s Notebook already did it.
Wayne Cameron (4 days ago)
One of the very few really excellent TV theme songs, along with The Twilight Zone and Peter Gunn.
tneal3526 (6 days ago)
No joke, for years I thought he said secret asian man.😂
Thomas Harrison (3 days ago)
tneal3526 You guys don't listen too well. .....
Kimberly Haugan (6 days ago)
Kimberly, Kimberly Haugan.. Lol, I've always wanted to say that
Sandra Rodrigues (6 days ago)
Cesar Rivera (7 days ago)
My cousin Nancy used to come my house when I was 8 years at 1966. She came to talk with my sisters. This song was listened in the radio apparatus of my house in the program of Enrique Llamosas.
Jubal Calif (7 days ago)
Heavens to Patrick Mc Goohan ! Johnny is lip syncing here...but it's a rather groovy clip ! THANKS for sharing this bodacious "blast from the past" with us ! CHEERS !! :-)
Steve VanDien (7 days ago)
Have loved this record since 1964-5. Just wish Johnny didn't sound so much like "secret ASIAN man " --
Adonk (8 days ago)
Perry the Platypus Knock off
poogoosee bagoomba (8 days ago)
when I was a kid I was trying to understand Secret Asian man?
Lou Costello (8 days ago)
I like that guy dancing at 2:10. He's got rhythm.
Smitty ThaGreat (8 days ago)
Fun fact: Pretty Ricky sampled this song on their song "Chevy"
Marcello Via. (9 days ago)
A true classic!!!
Ghost 270 (9 days ago)
Cannabis (9 days ago)
this shit slaps
Linda Daily (9 days ago)
My 8 year old Grandson loves this song Wants me to play it all the time in my truck
Karine Bispo (9 days ago)
Muito boa essa música 🎶
Miguel S (10 days ago)
eita musicao .... musica boa é outro nivel . levanta ate defunto...
Rizky Pratama (10 days ago)
came back here after watching Warden reveal trailer from Rainbow Six
Angeli Que (10 days ago)
This was in one of pewds videos
Travis Wilson (11 days ago)
Secret Asian man...
piepmeyer1 (11 days ago)
Secret Asian Man.....
Raymond Dionne (12 days ago)
Your parents didn't hate this music because of the music they hated this music because it made their kids dance horribly and they were fucking embarrassed. Secretly when you were in bed they were banging to this awesome stuff
WootTootZoot (12 days ago)
In three years from this recording, LedZeppelin changed everything
Captain Freedom (12 days ago)
Secret Asian men everywhere swear by this song.
Luc Dauvin Horseshoer (12 days ago)
Jett Rink (12 days ago)
Knock out guitar.
Gerald King (12 days ago)
Is the number 6?
Tiny Turner (13 days ago)
Great music! Cool song! 007 song
carol taurua (13 days ago)
I was a child of the 60s and all of those wonderful songs
laine Orlow (13 days ago)
Secret asian man
Nicholas Collora (13 days ago)
Play this serpico..ny..60s and 70s..nicholascollora you tube met serpico....gino collora is on the western coastal waters..great song reminds me of archives..Thanks LOVE
paul ono (13 days ago)
because he does sing secrec Asian man truth
Nitro Nitrix (13 days ago)
This deadass sounds like the Teen Titans theme.
GodTuber 4tune (11 days ago)
And Tuff Puppy
Jeffrey Richardson (13 days ago)
secret asian man robert kraft sad in the rain douglas and ed lain
mrkennedy50 (14 days ago)
I love this song I use to think about me my. Father and my dog was one of the ppl he sang about I love this song with all my heart
Celica Pevencie (15 days ago)
When my dad was a kid he thought it was "Secret Asian Man". Now I can't unhear it!
Marilyn V (15 days ago)
I love James Bond movies too.
vetb882 (15 days ago)
You got boyflen, I know you got boyflen. You want secret Asian man? Here is Secret Asian Man song... Lol Watch "JOHNNY RIVERS - Secret Agent Man 1966" on YouTube https://youtu.be/6iaR3WO71j4 Haha, when I was a kid I Spears thought that we had he was saying, secret Asian man... Lol. What other misheard lyrics were you made aware of. Post in reply so I see them. 👍🤗
Cindy Malone (16 days ago)
Still the coolest song.I remember when it was the theme song for Secret Agent Man on t.v.I don't think I ever heard a Rivers song I didn't like.
Samuel Boamorte (16 days ago)
Eu acho muito massa essa dança twister eu quero participar de um baile com o pessoal dançando assim massa de mais
Silvia/Silvia (16 days ago)
Dusty Hedden (16 days ago)
Worth it
Hazel Eyes (17 days ago)
Get Down! I love this song. All his songs are awesome.
Ryan Brouk (17 days ago)
dudes in the background dancing like characters from snoopy
Hazel Eyes (17 days ago)
Ryan Brouk Right! They're just enjoying the music and so am I. Lol
Dani Phantom (17 days ago)
karl partridge (17 days ago)
secret asian man
SAVAGE GAMING (18 days ago)
Pewdiepie use this right
Brent Feldman (18 days ago)
Who's gonna suck it up n post lyrics? Scrolled down forever........
Robert Goodman (19 days ago)
Back in the day this was so cool...I was the secret agent man!
Louis Shalako (20 days ago)
#k the symbol of resistance...
Jhonny Valdivieso (20 days ago)
Der Jude (20 days ago)
Secret ASAIN man!!
Rob Roberts (20 days ago)
Lol this is such a late comment but I love this guy.
Raymond King (20 days ago)
Picture Elvis singing this song if you want to laugh. Try it, I bet you can't keep from chuckling.
2muchwhit1 (20 days ago)
He knew the asian man was secret when no one else did
Me Me (20 days ago)
This song reminds me of Severus Snape
randy stevens (21 days ago)
When I retiree I' going to drive my convertible to pick up pizza every Friday night wearing a tuxedo with this song blasting
Saul Abrego (21 days ago)
Dammit! Secret agent Man 😂
William Harvey (21 days ago)
who is the secret asian guy anyway , all this singing bout him ? is he a spy of some stuff ?
Thomas Simpson (22 days ago)
You just can't get any cooler than Johnny Rivers in this video.
westport (22 days ago)
I see 895 communists have voted in
okfinema (23 days ago)
still cool in 2019 to us senior citizens
Kit snow (25 days ago)
Coming from the 50s to the 60s to the 70s and into the future this song really rates as a #1 hit.
Lon Hebert (25 days ago)
I saw this on American band stand i 1966. I was in the 8th grade.
Dr Sage (26 days ago)
Yes Theory brought me here
Commo (27 days ago)
Es gibt einen Mann, der ein Leben in Gefahr führt Jedem, den er trifft, bleibt er ein Fremder Mit jeder Bewegung macht er eine weitere Chance Wahrscheinlichkeiten werden er morgen nicht mehr erleben. Geheimagent Mann, Geheimagent Mann Sie haben dir eine Nummer gegeben und deinen Namen weggenommen. Hüte dich vor hübschen Gesichtern, die du findest Ein hübsches Gesicht kann einen bösen Geist verbergen Sei vorsichtig, was du sagst, oder du wirst dich verraten Wahrscheinlichkeiten werden Sie morgen nicht mehr erleben. Geheimagent Mann, Geheimagent Mann Sie haben dir eine Nummer gegeben und deinen Namen weggenommen Geheimagent Mann, Geheimagent Mann Sie haben dir eine Nummer gegeben und deinen Namen weggenommen Eines Tages an der Riviera schwingen Und am nächsten Tag in der Bombay-Gasse liegen Lassen Sie das falsche Wort nicht verrutschen, während Sie überzeugende Lippen küssen Die Chancen sind, dass Sie morgen nicht mehr erleben werden. Geheimagent Mann, Geheimagent Mann Sie haben dir eine Nummer gegeben und deinen Namen weggenommen Geheimagent Mann
Jim Clarke (27 days ago)
Another legend
Not Racist (27 days ago)
When I was young, I thought he was saying Secret Asian Man
Ghost 270 (27 days ago)
MegaSpiritualWarrior (28 days ago)
Devo brought me here.
*insert name* (28 days ago)
Searched "secret asian man"
Про старенькых рокеров можно нескончаемо строчить главное держать в голове таких больше не будет
paul ono (29 days ago)
I am stills dancing to this in 2019, and I am 59
Steve VanDien (29 days ago)
Love the song, record and series. But when I first heard this during my boyhood, I thought Johnny R was singing about some secret Asian man.
Last man on earth (1 month ago)
Johnny got "screwed", he's never received the accolades he so richly deserved, aka as Hall of fame of Rock, I guess that he didn't play ball, the way, they expected him to.......
jerry barbier (1 month ago)
Frank Alegria (1 month ago)
contact agents do the dirty job of the company oue no , Marita, eagle one.
James Cress (1 month ago)
Bond...James Bond. I know this was never one of his theme songs but it could have been back when James Bond movies were fun to watch.
Vux_201 (1 month ago)
secret ASIAN man!!!
Wagner PD (1 month ago)
This song about me... ... had my James Bond/007 briefcase & credentials from U.N.C.L.E. You could say I was a Dual Agent... ... Not a double agent.
soulassassin0g (1 month ago)
When it's 3am and you open the microwave door right before the timer reaches 0 so you don't trigger the beep and wake everyone up.

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