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Clothes Vocabulary: List of Clothes and Accessories in English | Clothes Names with Pictures

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Clothes Vocabulary! https://7esl.com/vocabulary-clothing-clothes-accessories/ These clothing words illustrated with pictures are useful for ESL learners/ English students and children to learn and remember the clothes vocabulary words better. List of Clothes and Accessories: • Skirt • Bikini • Dress pants • Jumper • Sneakers • Hoodie • Vest • High heels • Flip flops • Handbag • Tank top • Singlet • Boots • Shorts • Polo shirt • Umbrella • Dress • Hawaiian shirt • Mittens • Socks • Swimsuit • Trench coat • Winter coat • Straw hat • Cap • Scarf ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH MORE: ★ Grammar: https://goo.gl/7n226T ★ Vocabulary: https://goo.gl/E5Ty4T ★ Expressions: https://goo.gl/JBpgCF ★ Phrasal Verbs: https://goo.gl/Ux3fip ★ Idioms: https://goo.gl/y7wNjN ★ Conversations: https://goo.gl/pmdpQT ★ Kids Vocabulary: https://goo.gl/Xr3G68 ★ English Writing: https://goo.gl/46gmY7 ★ IELTS: https://goo.gl/Tg2U4v ★ TOEFL: https://goo.gl/8Zwvic ★ British vs. American English: https://goo.gl/VHa5W8 ★ Pronunciation: https://goo.gl/P4eR39 ★ Business English: https://goo.gl/r7jqtB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/7english/ Facebook: https://www.fb.com/7ESLLearningEnglish/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/7ESL1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and lessons visit: https://7esl.com/
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Anwer Hussain (16 hours ago)
Naray ko English may kaya katay ha
SAM & YEMENI (8 days ago)
A great
Sonu Kumar (8 days ago)
Very good
Imtiaz Uddin Chowdhury (21 days ago)
Great !!
Tchapi Didier (1 month ago)
ka fu (1 month ago)
شكرا جزيلا 🥰
Ahmed wael (2 months ago)
Tabbasum Sayyed (2 months ago)
That is summer clothes👎👘
Learn English wolof language Senegal international 🇸🇳🇸🇳
cesia Rengifo (3 months ago)
I loved it, because I didn't know many vocabularies , Now I know ir
Mn Nm (3 months ago)
Thank alot all off over teachers😍🤩😘🤗😛😝
Nguyễn Thành Tài (3 months ago)
what is the name song background ?
fperezhn (3 months ago)
100 % helpful information.
Winnie Hsu (3 months ago)
Thank you
B Q (3 months ago)
Patricia CA (3 months ago)
Cueca ,calcinha, sutiã faltou as partes íntimas
ashwani kumar (4 months ago)
I like your all video.best
Patrick Lee (4 months ago)
Thanks you help me a lot
hÙn& mOOn (4 months ago)
Tkanks video
Filip Radziwon (4 months ago)
Ale słabe to jest xddd
sheref isa (4 months ago)
Ira Salon (4 months ago)
I want to practicing speak an English,,,,😁😄
faiz urrahman (4 months ago)
how are you sir! i wanna download the whole playlist please collect all videos one large video most of English grammar and vocabulary. im waiting for you
Đ Win (4 months ago)
not alot a lot is right
العبد لله (5 months ago)
I enjoyed the cartoons
العبد لله (5 months ago)
flower sara (5 months ago)
This is the best channel I follow you from iraq
flower sara gv
Amanda Cousins (5 months ago)
What goes with high heels 👠
Amanda Cousins (5 months ago)
Bikinis are worn during summer or beach holidays
Amanda Cousins (3 months ago)
Right,they are worn during the summer time
Amanda Cousins (5 months ago)
What special occasion do we wear mortarboards?
Amanda Cousins (4 months ago)
We wear mortarboards🎓👩🏼‍🎓 at graduation 👩🏼‍🎓
Amanda Cousins (5 months ago)
In winter what do we wear,or summertime clothing
Amanda Cousins (5 months ago)
What does my auntie’s neighbor wear during beach or when she performs
Amanda Cousins (4 months ago)
My aunts neighbor wears a bikini 👙 to go to the beach 🏖 and a dress and high heels 👠 when she performs
Jasmin Chang (5 months ago)
Love thank you l
sabah ghlida (5 months ago)
I need pecture about cloching
sabah ghlida (5 months ago)
I'am sorry ,l mean pecture about clothing
thank you so much sir
Hector Acosta (5 months ago)
Very nice and descriptive video. Thank you very much!
Nawar Salih (5 months ago)
So useful,thank you for it
Gril loy (5 months ago)
I like all word so much
shreya singh (5 months ago)
sir I have to ask one thing I don't know what to told sir in miss india they wear white ptta in his neck so what to told in English
zaynab Ha (5 months ago)
thanks so much that's nice👍
yousef mohamed (6 months ago)
realy helpful
عادل الحمود (6 months ago)
Nice video you the losson
Roberta Alves (6 months ago)
Please let me know if you have books with this contants. I liked it so much. my e-mail: [email protected]
Roberta Alves (6 months ago)
I have liked the lessons. Do you have any book with those cute pictures and explainations?
Dilcia Fermin (7 months ago)
Thanks, teacher! God Bless
Fadi Boughazi (7 months ago)
zohreh samavati (7 months ago)
Manish Kumar (7 months ago)
you forget saree
ashutosh shukla (7 months ago)
Thuy Lengoc (7 months ago)
Thuy Lengoc (7 months ago)
Thank you 😍😍😍 verry good
Ramiro Perez (7 months ago)
Thuy Lengoc hello gorgeous lady
Tanya Rucker (7 months ago)
Rafi Rather (7 months ago)
i like yuor lectures but one thing is problem that you do not explain the words meanings
Friendly Yt (7 months ago)
esl pro (7 months ago)
awesome !
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Do you speak American or British?
Farideh Ramezani (7 months ago)
Than you.👌👌👍👍
Marlene Putzeis (7 months ago)
Muy buen video, gracias!!!!
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Is this an American or British accent that he speaks?
Ziaul Islam (7 months ago)
very long vedio
احمد بكبوك (7 months ago)
We need to give us some video about ilets
Women's clothing Tank top Short Jeans T shirt Dress pants Uniform Skirt Sweater Hoddie Coat Dresssheath dress Bra Thong Swimsuit Gym suit Long coat Wedding dredd One sleeve top
Tank top Bikini OVERALS
Hawaiian shirt Singlet
Summer clothing Cap sunglasses sraw hat Swim trunks
Basma ibrahim (7 months ago)
Mira Allam (8 months ago)
thank you👌👌👏👏👏👑
Aymen Top (8 months ago)
It is ❤👌👍✌
Daniel Vieira (8 months ago)
your videos are amazing, please never stop doing it cuz you´re helping us to learn the English language a lot, thanks a lot for your great and beautiful job, bye the way what´s your name? . I´m Lucas Vieira from Brazil.
Manju Kakran (8 months ago)
We know not new
Igwe Crus (1 month ago)
Then its atleast helpful for a few people who don't know english.......btw wen u were little u too didn't know this....
manel rayane (8 months ago)
Merci bcp 😀
Ruben Hernandez (8 months ago)
Great video, is very good
PAK- tube (8 months ago)
One of the best teaching video site in the world..... I'm 100% sure about it.
Lalise Kemal Mohammed (8 months ago)
thanikes for helphi
Kathir Lee (8 months ago)
megha jha (8 months ago)
Such a knowledgeable video plls make more videos like this
Ok hi
Zeii Sart xD (9 months ago)
I like it so much
OPTIMISTIC VINAY (9 months ago)
Shathi Bormon (9 months ago)
Your voice different but I liked this video many things I don't know now I am teach
sushreeta kanhar (9 months ago)
That not mens that is only men
Abdul Kader (9 months ago)
Thank you very much Teacher
Amir Khan (9 months ago)
I see all your video's
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Is this an American or British accent that he speaks?
Amir Khan (9 months ago)
Mehwish Jethwa (9 months ago)
Eid Mohammad (9 months ago)
Boba Milk Tii (10 months ago)
Clothing is not gender specific. Guys can wear dresses if they please.
Cedric Tao (10 days ago)
Nitul Taid (10 months ago)
It's a great helpful..
Nelo Far (10 months ago)
Krasnaya Roza (10 months ago)
Очень увлекательный и познавательный задание! Скажите, а на 3:11 - "Sheath dress" - переводится будто платьице-футляр?
Gaya Prsad (10 months ago)
excelente gujab🤔🤔
Gaya Prsad (10 months ago)
mast hai
Bee Pretty (10 months ago)
Thanks A billion
Budu Ghale (5 months ago)
This is an American accent not British.
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Is this an American or British accent that he speaks?
Jacquelene Orphilien (10 months ago)
Thanks your boy's
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Is this an American or British accent that he speaks?
Luyên Trần (11 months ago)
Bạn làm hình ảnh rất dễ hiểu, nhưng nếu đọc 2 lần thì tốt.
Emo Oz (11 months ago)
Yuan Pan (11 months ago)
Real helpful
Samsung J (4 days ago)
How are you
Fátima Ollive (11 months ago)
Very good. Thank you. Muito bom, Obrigada!
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Is this an American or British accent that he speaks?
Trang Doris (11 months ago)
So useful <3 ♡.♡ I really love your video <3
طالب علم (7 months ago)
Is this an American or British accent that he speaks?
Miss Cute (11 months ago)
Kim Nam (11 months ago)
Like and sup
Triska Sardar (11 months ago)

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