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Vocabulary: Talking about CLOTHES in English

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Clothes are part of our everyday life. In this easy vocabulary lesson, you will learn how to talk about clothing, how to pay compliments about someone’s outfit, and what dress codes such as "smart casual", "black tie", and "Sunday best" mean. Boring vocabulary is so last season, so put your glad rags on, and watch this lesson to learn some exciting new words. You will be looking smart in no time. http://www.engvid.com/english-vocabulary-clothes/ TRANSCRIPT Hello, and welcome back to EngVid. You've found the right place to learn English. Today, we're going to be learning to speak about clothes, about choosing the right clothes, giving compliments, the names of different styles of clothing. So first things first, instructions. If you're holding a party, you might tell them to arrive in a particular type of clothing. You might say, "Dress up." Okay? You expect them to dress up. You'll maybe say to the women to wear skirts and maybe even say to the guys, "Wear a tie." Okay? If it's a smart, smart occasion. "Vamp it up!" is a bit of a party term. If you're a girl and you're inviting other girls to come and party with you, "Vamp it up." You expect mascara and make up, etc. Obviously not for the guys. Don't worry. "Put your glad rags on!" This is another phrase about partying. Kind of put your, sort of, retro flares on and your, kind of, checked shirts. You're going out for a night on the town. Now, I know we've got some viewers who live in Russia. You might want to "wrap up warm". I'm going to Norway this weekend, and I'll certainly be wrapping up warm. Or you could just say, "Wear a shirt and tie" or, "Put on a colourful jacket." Maybe you're having a fancy dress, okay? "Fancy dress" is where we wear -- maybe you dress up as Mr. Men or as superheroes. "Fancy dress" is a particular type of character party. Good. Other types of clothing, "Sunday best". You go to church, and you have a nice Sunday lunch. You'd ask them to put on their "Sunday best", their best clothes for a Sunday. If it's a, kind of, smart, sort of, business networking -- perhaps at someone's house -- maybe "smart casual", respectable clothing. "Evening wear" is a little bit more smart, okay? "Evening wear", kind of, suits, shirts, ties, maybe "black tie". That would suggest a bow tie. Or in America, you call that "tuxedos", okay? Or "professional work attire". That's, kind of, the kind of clothes that you would go to the office in. Now, I'm going to be going to a party this evening, so I'll just go and spruce up. See you in a little bit. So I'm ready for my party. I've put my after-shave on. And, wow. Look at her. She's looking pretty good. I need to think of some compliments, some nice things to say about the clothes she's wearing. A nice simple one, I could say, "Great outfit." Or, "You're looking great." Now, if I'm talking just about the clothes, I could say, "That -- those trousers go really well with the top you're wearing." Or, "It works. It really works with your hair, the hair colour and trousers." Or, "The top, it just so suits your particular eye type, your eye colour." So you can pair the colours of their hair and their eyes." Or you could just say, "That really suits you." Okay? "Suits" is the same word as a business suit. You can use it as a verb as well. "It really suits you." Now, some more compliments. You can use "so" as a, sort of, substitute for "very". So I could say, "You're looking so smart." Or, "You're looking so elegant, so graceful, so stylish." Or, "You're looking dapper." "Dapper" is more often used about men than it is about girls. But it's a great adjective for saying that you're looking good. Now, some nasty things to say about what someone's wearing, some criticisms. "I am sorry, but those colours just don't work on you" or, "Those colours, they don't really work very well with you. They don't suit you." Okay? Or if I just don't think their clothes balance with them, I could say, "You don't really pull that off." Like, if I were wearing a yellow checked suit with a pink spotted shirt, my wife would say to me, "Benjamin, you can't really pull that one off." Okay. Now, if you're very knowledgeable about fashion, you could say, "That's a bit last season." Okay? "Season." We've, you know, spring, summer, autumn, winter. And fashions, you have spring fashions, summer fashions. "A bit last season. The clothes you are wearing are a bit 2012." Now, particular things with the clothes. If the colour is a bit faded -- can you all see my trousers? The colour, it's a bit faded. Okay? It's a bit torn. Can you see here? My trousers, they're torn. I jumped over a fence to get into a festival, and now, they're torn. Okay? "Ripped." It's the same thing.
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Taynara Espinosa (3 months ago)
thanks! i loved it!
La Prepa (7 months ago)
It was so very the nuts, I learnt a lot of new vocabulary Thanks for everything
piero timoteo (7 months ago)
umm halil (8 months ago)
Hi, teacher, thank you so much, greetings from original warm wrapped russian:)
lovely english (1 year ago)
You are very goodas well as fantastic teacher
Đinh Anh Vũ Hàn (1 year ago)
I enjoyed watching this video so much. Thanks
TRANG VO (1 year ago)
I want to practise English.
Guy Oblivious (2 years ago)
What an accent!! I am in love with British accent.
Nikolay Nikolov (2 years ago)
you are the best teacher!
Regina Knapik (2 years ago)
fun vocab. thanx :)
helida semedo (2 years ago)
very good thank you
My English experience (2 years ago)
I adore the way you take and the way you teach .fantastic teacher.
Chand Alam (2 years ago)
thank u for knowledge about fashion.
ajay pethani (2 years ago)
thank you so much , for this detail knowledge
le tran bao khoa (2 years ago)
THIS THE BEST LESSON EVER IN THE WORLD!!!!! Thank you for teaching me these vocabulary!
hải nguyễn hữu (2 years ago)
great!! thank you.
Shavarsh Martirosyan (3 years ago)
kun top (3 years ago)
I love this vdo
alimjan abduxukur (3 years ago)
Love it!
Mahuba Bare (3 years ago)
Great Teacher!
Analog (3 years ago)
Thank you , Ben.
Bunyamin yakoh (3 years ago)
Please keep doing a useful video for us
Mc (3 years ago)
Woww Benjamin ! I like your blue color T-shirt. it really suits you and works with your hair style. However, your trouser has a bit faded and this color doesn't suit you.
Sheila C. Valdivia (3 years ago)
Thanks, I love the British accent.Could you please explain more about those phrases with example vamp it up put your glad rags on wrap up warm Thanks again.That is very useful information.
Julian Mesa (3 years ago)
Hey mate thank you very much for sharing your knowledge about English I really appreciate your nice work, besides I love  studying English.
Alex Walters (3 years ago)
Renato Sousa (4 years ago)
"more smart"?
Amy Booktube (4 years ago)
I love your accent
Leader Almusay (4 years ago)
Yes l love so much British accent
fatima awad (4 years ago)
you give us good information but you have to say more examples and explanation on what you want to teach us in order to understand completley
Narda PE (3 years ago)
+fatima awad i agree. There were soem expressions i couldnt understand entirely :S
Diego Moreno (4 years ago)
Does he teach British English or American English?
kribogoreng (4 years ago)
Hello Benjamin! Greetings from Indonesia :) Thank you for making this video. I learn some new phrases from this video that I haven't know before. For me, you're explanation quite simple and easy to understand, and also I found your british accent is quite easy to hear. Please make another new video in the future, because learning english with you is fun! :)
Leo Ch (4 years ago)
Tooty (4 years ago)
Great lesson but I still don't understand you quickly 😅 Maybe because your accent BRITISH So that's a good idea that all what you say written in the description box 😄 Thank you so much
Yasir Bash (4 years ago)
its so great lesson Ilike it thank you
ALA (4 years ago)
Hello Benjamin Congratulations! greeting from Brazil... your tips are very rewarding. Lemme tell you, I'm bad at listening, can you give us some hints to improve it? I really like your videos.
Thank you
li wang (4 years ago)
lovely accent, thumb up!
pablo2932 (4 years ago)
Sorry, I had not listened you, I love this accent, you are British!!!!
pablo2932 (4 years ago)
Are you British or American ?????
thank you so much:)!
María Aradillas (4 years ago)
Hi Benjamin! Your videos really help me to learn more English! I've been studying it since 2005 and I'm really hoping to work as an English teacher when I grow up! Thanks so much for sharing your videos with us! Much love from SPAIN :) @Benjamin's English Classes (engVid)
nhat vo (9 months ago)
Ash Ashy (3 years ago)
hi can we practise in order to get more?
f16f16f16f16f16 (4 years ago)
why are you so effeminate ??? Jajaja
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Great continuer
Rosane Maximiano (4 years ago)
Thank you.
Bruno Souza (4 years ago)
I love the british accent. Thanks!
@Joe Satriani Oh yeah! really sexy!
Versaín 67 (4 years ago)
His accent is really sexy.
Pouya Amiri (4 years ago)
What mean the "monkey" term that add to end of some website names like "www.surveymonkey.com" or "pentestmonky.com". tnx
adnan alhomsi (4 years ago)
thanks very useful lesson :)

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