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Dresscode: Casual Friday | DW English

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Sartorial standards take a beating on Casual Fridays. Men show up at work dressed for a casual night out with the guys. But many companies still have a dress-down day at the end of the work week – much to the dismay of DW style guru Gerhard Elfers. For more Dresscode, check out the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpA53_5q4pw&list=PLT6yxVwBEbi1hpmT3uRlZcV9pzMiB4Ja_
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Text Comments (22)
Ilker türker (1 month ago)
What about glasses?
reychop_EXE (2 months ago)
“Casual is for the home!” Never been truer!
Ronald Lozada (2 months ago)
We need more videos.
Necesito más vídeos!!!
DW News (5 months ago)
OK: https://www.dw.com/en/media-center/all-media-content/s-100826?filter=dresscode&searchNavigationId=&languageCode=en&origin=gN&item=dresscode
Ahmed Basim (6 months ago)
Ibrahim Iq (6 months ago)
How about a bright white pants and a fanny pack?
NOBLE (8 months ago)
I miss your vids...when is the next one coming..hope you haven't stopped!!??
DW News (8 months ago)
NOBLE CHILLS, you can find more Dresscode here: https://www.dw.com/search/?languageCode=en&item=dresscode&contentType=VIDEO&searchNavigationId=1452&sort=RELEVANCE&resultsCounter=0
Dw English Ótimo! Aeeeee !
sarah kadhem (10 months ago)
What a man should wear in casual family day ?
sarah kadhem (10 months ago)
Just like u man !
justin Indian (11 months ago)
keep making videos more often...I like your style....
Yohan Wijesinghe (11 months ago)
White Shirt video please, thank you! :)
Amo estos videos :)
Aziz belkharmoudi (1 year ago)
Gerhard Elfers. please can you do an episode about cufflink, Greetings from morocco!
Funny Fitness Freaks (1 year ago)
Casual Friday are for losers....
Nancy Abigail Nuñez (1 year ago)
I love Mr. Elfers. I live in Mexico City and yes, "causal" Friday is mandatory almost everywhere... shame on us.
Nnot (1 year ago)
Wtf is this bullshit
Solo Bat-Erdene (1 year ago)
Wholly agree here with Mr. Elfers!
dklyde (1 year ago)
I could not love him more than I do now!
Cold Industries (1 year ago)
Missed out on being the first view

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