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NICEST eBay gesture! 2 years after $7,000 yugioh purchase
About 2 years ago I made the most expensive purchase of my life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnsCFkzV9nI A $7,000 Dark Magician Girl Yu-Gi-Oh! card. I've purchased from this seller before and we seem to know each other very well now after lots of communication with each other. Just recently he sent me a surprise package of famous Taiwanese sweets! And they are DELICIOUS! This is one of the nicest gestures anyone on eBay has ever given me (and I've met a lot of nice people on eBay :). Here is a link to this eBay seller's storefront! His name is Joseph and I'm just giving him a shoutout! http://www.ebay.com/usr/j5427007?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
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Defeated Champion Steven with only a Level 1 Rattata!
"It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of rattatas." ...This took FOREVER. Check out the sequel to this video where I beat the ENTIRE Elite Four with only one level 1 Pokemon: https://youtu.be/2oK7ZrAjAJk Rattata (Female) Held Item: Focus Sash, Ability: Guts Level: 1 Adamant Nature Quick Attack - Endeavor - Double Team - Swagger FAQs Q: "How did you get a level 1 Pokemon through the Elite Four without leveling up?" A: I got through the Elite Four with just a single Rayquaza (the one from the Delta Episode), then traded my Rayquaza for this nice little Rattata after beating Drake. Q: "Is this Rattata legit? How did you get it to learn X {insert move}?" A: Yes the Rattata is legit. It was bred and hatched in Sootopolis City. It learned Quick Attack as an Egg Move, Double Team and Swagger as TMs, and Endeavor through Move Tutor. Q: "Seriously... how is this possible?" A: It took me many, many attempts, but everything you see in this video actually happened. I used a modified F.E.A.R. strategy (Focus Sash, Endeavor, quick Attack Rattata) where instead of using Quick Attack immediately after Endeavor, I Double Team while Steven uses a Full Restore (I've done this enough times to predict what the AI is going to do). Next turn I Endeavor again on 1 HP and HOPE that Skarmory doesn't use Toxic or Aerial Ace and either uses Spikes or misses with Steel Wing. Afterwards, Rattata levels up to 15. I then proceed to Double Team 5 more times against Aggron, hope that all the attacking moves Steven uses from now on misses, use the remaining PPs for Endeavor, and kill the remaining Claydol, Carbink, Aerodactyl, and Metagross with Swagger. This strategy relied heavily on RNG and dumb luck, but it finally happened. Q: "How did you kill Metagross with Super Fang?! Super Fang only halves HP, it can never KO." A: Haha, this was a good question. I gave Rattata Super Fang hoping I could use it offensively should something go wrong with Endeavor. This was an HONEST misclick and mistake on my part to use Super Fang, but I myself wasn't sure how I could kill Mega Metagross. I later looked up the move on Bulbapedia and turns out it deals exactly 1 damage if the opponent's Pokemon is at exactly 1 HP, effectively knocking it out. This was again SHEER luck that Metagross was at exactly 1 HP. I hope you enjoyed this video! Follow me on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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Defeated Trainer Cheddar as a Level 11! | Clash Royale
Hey guys! In this video I face the infamous Trainer Cheddar in Clash Royale,. the ultimate AI Trainer who has seemingly unlimited elixir and max legendaries. It took me about 2 hours of non-stop attempts and patience. I used a variant of nickatnyte's strategy. Here is my deck: Zap, Ice Spirit, Goblin barrel, Miner, Rage, Skarmy, Mirror, Minion Horde I hope you enjoyed this video! Subscribe if you haven't already and thanks for watching :D https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late https://twitter.com/isleep2late https://discord.gg/bJ5QJj2
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Installing Windows on my 3DS
This is me installing Windows 95 on my Nintendo New 3DS! I first discovered this on Facebook trending but had to give it a try. ALL credit on finding this goes to a guy named shutterbug2000 and everything you need to know about this and how it can be done can be found in the following link: http://gbatemp.net/threads/windows-95-on-n3ds.407539/ Yes, you will have to do a little bit of reading so this is not for the tl;dr people out there, but it's very rewarding when it actually works :) Disclaimer: You will be using Retroarch to do this AND you will require a Win95.img (Windows 95 image file). For anyone who jailbreaks their iPhone or iPad, you probably know what Retroarch is if you've ever used emulators. This is a 3DS port of that program, and will require you to be on a hacked NEW 3DS (XL). Does not work on the old 3DS (yet). This means that not only does your 3ds have to be an n3ds, but it also needs to have low firmware and install homebrew or cia files. Feel free to ask me any questions about this video, or hacking the 3DS in general. I may not be the best at answering your questions but I can tell you what I do know and where you can find your answer if I don't have it! Enjoy :)
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Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D Speedrun in 2:28 by isleep2late [WR] 10/30/14 (OoT 2D version 10.2)
This is the current World Record speedrun of the fan-made 2D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The previous known WR was held by ProNiteBite at 2:38 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRItJkj6E1A) More information about the game can be found here: oot-2d.com/ If you enjoyed this video, feel free to comment, like, & subscribe!
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Passing USMLE Step 1 - How to Overcome Failure in the Face of Adversity
I know a lot of you have been in the comments wondering what happened to me. Well this is what happened. I failed last year, took the entire school year to study and be well-prepared, and last Wednesday I got my score back and passed! Which means I won't be dropping out of school and I will continue to be on the road to being a doctor! So it's huge news for me and I thought I'd share it. I ended up getting a 211 on the Step and I took it last year because if I had passed and taken it at the time I would have been able to graduate early, which was what I wanted to do. But that was my mistake, and I should have been more cautious. But now that it's all over, I've learned my lesson and I will be explaining all of this to residency programs during my interviews. If you have any questions or if you failed Step 1 PLEASE private message me and I will tell you more about what I did and I'll try to offer my advice to help you.
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Philosophy in 1 minute: Psychological Egoism
My attempt at making a philosophy video in 1 minute, explaining Psychological Egoism and giving some examples of situations that, even though beneficial to others and charitable, possibly contain ulterior motives according to the psychological egoist. I neither support nor condemn the theories explained in this series - I simply present them as quickly and to-the-point as I can. Feel free to comment with your own opinion/argument/counterargument! This video screencast was created with Doceri on an iPad. Doceri is free in the iTunes app store. Learn more at http://www.doceri.com
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[Gen 6] isleep2late's Alpha Sapphire Save File|All 721 Pokemon|Shiny|Event|Competitive|X/Y/ORAS
Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yw7ww7haugkp8k6/main?dl=0 Shortened link: http://bit.ly/1mUe2mw *UPDATE 11/2/2016* PKM IN GIVEAWAY BOXES NOW PASS LEGALITY CHECKER IN PKHEX! (Except shiny butterfly and something else in 6th Gen... sorry about that, I think shiny butterfly can still be traded though, I just want to keep it shiny :P). Volcanion has been updated as well, can be found in Experimental PC. *UPDATE 4/22/16* PKM IN GIVEAWAY BOXES NOW CONTAIN ALL (LEGAL) RIBBONS! VOLCANION AND SURFING/FLYING PIKACHU INCLUDED IN EXPERIMENTAL PC!! SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8 ProjectPokemon Event Contribution Forum: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/foru... My Gen 5 White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M Gen 4 SoulSilver Save File: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 Gen 3 Fire Red save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30.. This is the official public release of my save file, containing every legally obtainable Pokemon in the game shiny, with perfect IVs, a competitive moveset, and Battle Ready. Pokemon that aren't fully evolved are set to a level less than 100 so that you can have the satisfaction of evolving them, and baby Pokemon like Squirtle or Charmander are set to level 5 so that they can compete in a format called Little Cup (LC, where all Pokemon must be the first of 3 evolutions and their level must be 5). Also included in this save file are Event Pokemon that contain exclusive moves that cannot normally be learned by those Pokemon (examples: Surfing Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, Eruption Heatran, Spacial Rend Arceus, etc.) This save file took me over a year to create, modify, and refine, and even though it isn't perfect, I thought I'd release it now as my Christmas present to my viewers. I will continue updating it and posting a link to the updated version on the description of this video at the top ^. For anyone who has a Gateway, CyberGadget Save Editor, and a Twitch/YouTube following, you are more than welcome to use my save file to do Pokemon giveaways of your own! :) I am also slowly but surely working on a Fire Red save file where I do the same thing (hack every Pokemon shiny with legal stats and Battle Ready), and would like to work on this for the Gen 4 and Gen 5 games as well. If there is a high enough demand for it, I will gladly release those save files as well when they are completed. Thanks again for watching. I truly hope you enjoy all the hard work and dedication I put into making this. If you like what I do, or enjoy any of my content, please feel free to subscribe to this YT channel or follow my Twitch channel ( http://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late ) to show your support. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or would like to report a problem with my save that needs to be addressed in a future update. Have a wonderful day, have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
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Clash Royale: Let's open $100 worth of Super Magical Chests (and a Legendary Chest)
I suck at opening chests! I can never get the cards I want lol. Overall spending this $100 turned out to be a big disappointment :P Oh well, I also wanted to let you guys know that I'm fairly new in terms of making content for Clash Royale, so I'm still working on ways to make these Royale videos better / more entertaining to watch. Hit me up if you have any suggestions, or if you have any deck requests you'd like me to play next time I stream. Maybe I should stick to Pokemon LOL Here's the OJ Video that explains why there's now a 54% chance of opening a Legendary in a Super Magical Chest after the new Inferno Dragon update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_sojOLO8jM Follow me on Twitch to see me lose: https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late Follow me on Twitter to see me cry :'( https://twitter.com/isleep2late
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Showcasing Hacked Pokemon, the Lost Episode! Tapu Legends | LAST VIDEO (for a while)
As some of you know, I will be starting clinical rotations this Monday, and I'm starting with surgery, so I won't be able to stream or do videos at least for the next 12 weeks. By then, people will probably be talking about the next Pokemon games, so this may be the last episode of my Hackmons series at least on Sun & Moon. I will be taking a hiatus from creating content on YouTube and Twitch for a while. It won't be the end, but I am hoping to move on to bigger things out there, such as meeting my wife, having a family, and establishing my career. I still haven't found that special someone yet, and I know that odds are the love of my life isn't gonna magically appear today or tomorrow, but this seems as nice a spot as any to just, you know sit and wait. (Okay that was a quote from How I Met Your Mother). In the meanwhile, I leave you with some of my friends that you should go and check out, people who have been making content out there and deserve more followers. Some of them don't play Pokemon, but some of them do, so while I'm out and away (temporarily), I hope you will check them out! All of them are part of my Discord server which I will also link at the bottom. You can keep in touch with me through Discord while I'm gone. This has been a very emotional time, but I also want to thank each and every one of you for over 5,000 subscribers. I love you all, and this YouTube channel means the world to me. It isn't going away :) Tapu Koko @ Expert Belt EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Ability: Primordial Sea Level: 100 Shiny: Yes Modest Nature - Thunder - Origin Pulse - Hurricane - Light of Ruin Tapu Fini @ Choice Scarf EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Ability: Water Bubble Level: 100 Shiny: Yes Modest Nature - Water Spout - Moonblast - Steam Eruption - Trick Tapu Lele @ Zoom Lens IVs: 0 Spe EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD Ability: Triage Level: 100 Shiny: Yes Quiet Nature - Dark Void - Dream Eater - Draining Kiss - Oblivion Wing Tapu Bulu @ Wide Lens EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Ability: Speed Boost Level: 100 Shiny: Yes Adamant Nature - Power Whip - Play Rough - Bolt Strike - Baneful Bunker https://www.twitch.tv/blahhee https://www.twitch.tv/diamond9144 https://www.twitch.tv/chimerawerewolf Ryga's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgZpc_mqSBbFIbqsCY6r8g Sab: https://www.twitch.tv/zzsab https://www.twitch.tv/ace13gc My Discord where you can find me: https://discord.gg/bJ5QJj2 Farewell you guys! I'll see you all in a few months ;)
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Step 1 - Post-exam thoughts and medical school advice (& What to expect for my regular viewers)
Lol sorry about the video thumbnail. It was one of the default ones YouTube offered me so I just kept it b/c it looked funny
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[MTG Unboxing] Leifkicker's Sensei's Divining Top deckbox!
My product review of an amazing deck box created by one of the most talented craftsmen, Leifkicker! Here is a link to some of his work: http://www.leifkicker.com/ https://www.etsy.com/shop/Leifkicker
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Defeated Elite Four with ONE Level 1 Pokemon! | No items/saves/o-powers
"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." ~Thomas Jefferson Ever since my previous video where I beat Champion Steven with a Level 1 Rattata (https://youtu.be/Z2Aszgz7Zn4) I wondered if it was possible to beat the entire Elite 4 with a level 1, and only a level 1. I'm sure many others have defeated the Elite Four with a team of Level 1 Pokemon, and some have had assistance with items. But the challenge I wanted to take on was that of beating the Elite Four (rematch version) using only one Pokemon in my team and not using the help of saving, off-battle items, or online O-powers from other trainers. This began a long journey, consisting of thousands upon thousands of attempts, taking several months. The result is what you see here, the culmination of strategy, repetition, and stupid luck. Without further ado, here is the moveset in case you missed the first minute of the video: Klefki (Female) Held Item: Leppa Berry Ability: Prankster Level 1 Timid Nature Moves: Swagger, Double Team, Recycle, Thunder Wave Frquently Asked Questions (FAQs): Why Klefki? - Without using items, I knew I needed a Leppa Berry and the move Recycle to compensate for not being able to recover PPs, and I also knew I needed a Pokemon with Prankster because without Focus Sash, Sidney's Scrafty would simply OHKO me unless I could go first. The only Pokemon with Prankster and Recycle is Klefki. This is fake! How is this possible? - Klefki starts out with a priority Double Team. This is essential as I eventually need to max out my evasion stat. This means I need 6 Double Teams, as each one boosts evasion once (with a maximum possible boost of 6). Afterwards, I Swagger for confusion and Thunderwave for parahax. Whenever I run out of PP for a move, Leppa Berry activates and recovers 10 PP. Recycle is a move that lets me recover my Leppa Berry, so I can re-use it. This enables me to never run out of PP so I will never use the move "Struggle". Why don't you use this same Parahax strategy against Absol & Sableye? - Both Pokemon have a mega-evolution with the ability Magic Bounce. This deflects any status move and redirects it to me. To solve this, I had to teach Klefki the move Foul Play in the middle of leveling up. This is a damage dealing move that uses the opponent's attack stat. This also means that I have to give up the move T-wave and hope that 6 evasion boosts is enough to not get hit by a single attack from Absol or Sableye. What is the hardest part about doing this? - There are MANY things that can go wrong. A number of times I was left with 1 PP on a move the turn before I beat a trainer, meaning my Leppa Berry would be gone and I am left without a held item for the next trainer. Add to that priority Ice Shard from Glacia's Abomasnow and Aqua Jet from Sharpedo, and the possibility that Mandibuzz could use Feint Attack, or Altaria/Skarmory could use Aerial Ace. By far the hardest part of this challenge is Sidney's Mandibuzz, as this takes the longest to KO. Every trainer has 2 Full Restores they can use, and often times I am left beating Mandibuzz twice as Full Restore is often used on Mandibuzz. Is there any other way to do this? - It's hard to say. I've gone through many other options for Level 1 Pokemon. Shedinja cannot be level 1, as its baby form is Nincada. If anyone knows of a different way to do this, let me know in the comments! Subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this video and follow me on Twitch for more gaming content! -- https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late https://twitter.com/isleep2late
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[Tutorial] How to install Windows 95 on an iPad Pro, iPhone 6/s/+ or other iOS 9.2 & below device
Link to GitHub you will need for Xcode: https://github.com/litchie/dospad Credit and Shout-Out to another YouTuber "Your Geek Needs" for making a much earlier tutorial on how to do this on iOS devices below iOS 8.3 (before they patched iFunBox and iExplorer for non-jailbroken devices). Please go to his video and find the link to the iDOS zip file in the description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs3ysvMnIvs Here's another video tutorial on how you can get Windows 95 running on an iPad Pro WITHOUT Jailbreaking (requires iOS 9.2 or below). This video follows my previous demonstration on getting Windows 95 on a Nintendo New 3DS, only this time you CAN use a mouse along with all the capabilities of a keyboard. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my channel! I want to thank everyone for all the love and support you've given me and I look forward to making more videos for you guys :)
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MTG Holiday Deck Tech!
Decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/casual-holiday-workshop/ MaRo's Ruling: http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/105874097388/oh-silver-bordered-rules-master-inquiring-minds (Note: MaRo later corrects himself about Acorn Catapult.) Reddit Discussion: http://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/2qz0f6/i_turned_my_vintage_deck_into_a_casual_one_for/ So because there's not a lot of Vintage players in my area and it's the holiday season, I thought I'd feature a deck idea I've been working on. This is a super casual deck that I made out of my MUD Workshop deck (depending on your definition of the word "casual"). Not much else to say so I'll let the video do most of the talking :) If you have any questions about the deck, leave a comment! I'm not a judge, but I can try to help with any ruling questions you may have about any of the cards in the video. If you enjoy watching these videos, don’t forget to comment, like, & subscribe (or follow me on Twitch, same name). Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!
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Going on hiatus until I take my exam
I love my viewers too much to give up doing well on my exam in July for the sake of my channel. That is why, despite all my best efforts to keep this YouTube channel and my Twitch stream alive, I have decided to take an extended break for the next 7 weeks until the date of my exam (unless I have to extend the exam date... I will only take this test when I know I am ready). I had some really interesting and exciting plans for my viewers. In particular, I was streamlining a Pokemon genning giveaway that I know a lot of people would have been looking forward to. But after all my best efforts and my most dedicated interests I realized that putting half a mind in Pokemon/MTG/Gaming and half a mind into studying is significantly worse than putting 101% of my mind into studying and then 102% of my mind into my channel after I finish the Step. I apologize in advance for anyone who was looking forward to seeing more content from me, but I promise you that after this exam, I will be back in full force :)
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Showcasing Hacked Pokemon! Is HACKING safe?
Hey guys! Another {short} episode of Showcasing Hackmons! In this video I talk a little bit about the recent wave of bans that transpired last month where Nintendo banned close to 6000 3DS/Global Link accounts for editing their saves. More information can be found here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/39874-online-ban-wave-%E2%80%93-almost-6000-people-affected/ Aside from that, I created a SICK Houndoom with Burn Up, which I feel combos nicely with the Firzium mechanic! (That's about the extent of what I feature in this video but I hope you enjoy!) -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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Sun/Moon Battle Spot Singles! All Gen 1 Team :D Back to Basics!
Hey guys just showing some competitive Pokemon Sun and Moon battle team demonstrations! Here I feature a few Battle Spot replays with a BACK TO BASICS all Gen I team. Hope you enjoy! I'll leave the team here down at the bottom if you want to test it out on PokemonShowdown: Starmie @ Life Orb Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Scald - Psyshock Snorlax (F) @ Snorlium Z Ability: Thick Fat EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Adamant Nature - Giga Impact - Earthquake - Wild Charge - Pursuit Dragonite (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Multiscale EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Dance - Earthquake - Fire Punch - Draco Meteor Alakazam (M) @ Alakazite Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Energy Ball - Focus Blast - Dazzling Gleam - Psyshock Cloyster (M) @ Focus Sash Ability: Skill Link EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Shell Smash - Icicle Spear - Rock Blast - Ice Shard Magneton @ Eviolite Ability: Analytic EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD Quiet Nature IVs: 0 Atk / 30 SpA / 0 Spe - Thunderbolt - Flash Cannon - Hidden Power [Fire] - Tri Attack Follow me on Twitch for Pokemon giveaways and the latest gameplay content! https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late Join our Discord community for the most up-to-date content and get notified when I'm streaming https://discord.gg/bJ5QJj2 https://twitter.com/isleep2late
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MTG Deck Tech: Vintage MUD / Workshops (Hangarback & Forgemaster)
Here's my current vintage deck on paper (as opposed to on MTGO) that I will be bringing to a tournament tomorrow. I intentionally tried to make it as generic and run-of-the-mill as possible so that I can know what it would feel like to play a legitimate tier deck. I say this only because too often I find myself taking a simple concept and making a brew out of it (*ahem* like taking Jund and splashing the twin combo *ahem*). Will let you guys know how it goes. Wish me luck!
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I LOVE DARK MAGICIAN GIRL (My Collection as of January 2016)
Call me crazy, or call me one of the most dedicated niche collectors; I am in love with Dark Magician Girl / Black Magician Girl and I take pride in having one of the most extensive DMG collections out there. From cards to gold coins to action figures, I have pretty much everything Dark Magician Girl related except cosplay and doujinshi (which I can just download or find online). Some notables that I am lacking that I plan on obtaining in the future: - Foreign non-Japanese printings - Official Konami manga and DVDs of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series that contains Dark Magician Girl in it - Possible misprints of Dark Magician Girl (something I would only consider searching for in the distant future) - Any future printings of BMG / DMG as well as the slew of statues / statuettes that are coming out this year The clip at the beginning is that I broke my selfie-stick (I know I know, but I only use the part that you hook your iPhone to and I put that on a tripod lol). ANYWAY, there you have it folks, my complete collection of dark magician girl memorabilia. Some of you wanted to see it, and I finally got around to uploading this (this was recorded a couple months ago lol). It took me FOREVER to edit this video, but it was well worth the effort I think. I want to thank you for watching. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like any of my videos and if you have any questions about my collection or what I had to go through to get it feel free to leave a comment down below! Here are some links to my other related videos: To see me make that $7,000 purchase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnsCFkzV9nI To see me talk about #DMGgate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1pkDh76SZU To see me open a TON of shit that I bought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzdPOIdogTo My Twitter: https://twitter.com/isleep2late My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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[Pikasav Tutorial] How to make your own Pokemon & edit Typing/Sprite for Gen 1 Red/Blue/Yellow!
This is a tutorial on how to hack/create/make your own Pokemon for R/B/Y (Gen 1)! You can give your Pokemon any typing and any stat distribution (from one of the other Pokemon templates in the game's code) that you want. Credit to xJakub (Ritchie) for Pikasav! Save editing for Gen 2 games (gold/silver/crystal) is supported, but not the editing of typing. For RBY you can change what type your pokemon is, as well as how you want your pokemon to look. I believe your save (.sav) and rom (.gb) can be transferred to a flash card/flashcard or flash cartridge where it can then be traded via link cable to a legitimate red/blue/yellow cartridge. This opens the door for a possible local Hackmons tier in Gen I. I'm also not sure about this, but these hackmons might be able to transfer over to G/S/C, but idk if the uniqueness would be retained. Links: http://pkparaiso.net/pikasav/information - Download Link https://github.com/xJakub/PikaSav - Source Code Pikasav - Gen 1 & 2 Save Editor Credit to xJacub (Ritchie [?]) for making this program! If you like any of my videos, please check out my Twitch channel! My streaming schedule is on hold for now and will resume in December. http://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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Showcasing Hacked Pokemon! Water Bubble Primal Kyogre AAHH!!!
Welcome to a brand new Showcasing Hackmons video guys and today we are uploading the second video I recorded on Halloween where I feature what I consider to be one of the strongest Pokemon movesets I've ever made: Water Bubble Primal Kyogre with Choice Scarf! What I love about this moveset is that it goes back to the basics: Choice Scarf Kyogre is a strategy that has stood the test of time ever since the Gen 4 days and continues to wreck everybody. Even in the current Ubers metagame I would consistently use Choice Scarf Kyogre with Water Spout in spite of the rise in popularity of Primal Kyogre (speed matters, and being able to outspeed your opponent with what may be a lesser attack is well worth it). BTW, I say "lesser attack" but not really... Newer movesets use Origin Pulse which is 120 whilst Water Spout does 150... yes, Primal Kyogre spots 30 more base Special Attack, but I would argue Choice Scarf regular Kyogre is still insane. Also, I would still run it in the midst of the weather buff (rain being temporary). Because let's face it: you're playing Kyogre in the mid-game where all you need to do is kill off 3 or 4 Pokemon anyway; does it really make a difference that rain only lasts like 4 turns? Kyogre-Primal @ Choice Scarf EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Ability: Water Bubble Level: 100 Shiny: Yes Modest Nature - Water Spout - Eruption - Oblivion Wing - Trick Excited about Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon? Join our Discord to be part of our fun little community where we talk about USUM and other random stuff! https://discord.gg/bJ5QJj2
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OU team vs 6 Darkrai Pokemon ORAS WiFi Battle!
This was a casual battle between me (Liliana) and Twitch user Jameswall2020 (L-dawg). I used my OU team against what he called his "troll" team of 6 Darkrai. I thought this was quite a fun match. I definitely enjoyed coming back to this game. I try my best to narrate this battle, but basically my strat was to sweep as much as I can with Thundurus, and wing the rest of the battle. I believe switching into Bisharp instead of Metagross was a misplay, and I was 98% sure I would lose the battle b/c Darkrai OP. This battle happened during my stream (http://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late). If you'd like to battle/trade with me, check out my channel to see when I'm on!
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Banlist Removed in Sun/Moon! Showcasing Hackmons is BACK! Does Burn Up work with Protean?!
Hey guys! This is yet another Showcasing Hacked Pokemon episode where for the first time I use banned pokemon in the Sun and Moon Battle Tree! (This is perhaps the first video of anyone lifting the banlist and using legendary pokemon in Battle Tree!) Expect more of these videos and an ongoing tutorial! For more information, join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/bJ5QJj2
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iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case Unboxing (i-Blason UnityPower)
Apologies for an abruptly edited, poor quality video :'( I don't open stuff like this on video but I really wanted to share with you guys an iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case, since you can't find them anywhere! Here's the link to the product: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NFYCMXQ/
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Invisible Groudon & Shiny Hoopa Unbound: Special ORAS Cutscene (Omega Ruby)
Things about this that were unusual: - Team Magma/Aqua Leaders Maxie and Archie are invisible, but Tabitha isn't - I'm playing Omega Ruby, but the weather is heavy rain when it should be heavy sunlight - Groudon is invisible in the beginning and fails to exist during the encounter, so I'm stuck in this cut scene forever! I hope you enjoyed shiny Hoopa Unbound's debut ;) I gave it the ability Delta Stream and the moves Hyperspace Fury, Dragon Ascent, Thousand Arrows, and Light of Ruin for kicks. Follow me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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MTGO Vintage: MUD vs Oath
Somewhat short match. Sorry not a lot of interesting things really happened (that can sometimes be expected in vintage :/ ). Leave a comment down below to leave any feedback about any of these magic videos! And if you have any questions about the decisions I made while playing or anything else, don't be afraid to ask! I have a lot of fun playing MTG in general, but if there's any format you'd like to see in particular, let me know :)
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isleep2late's Gen 3 Pokemon Fire Red Save File (All 386 LEGIT*, Shiny, Smogon movesets, Events, etc)
SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8 The Save File to End All Other Save Files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/onvhaf9ffj7mxta/AADMHQLUjjKE_jklSF_rCh1fa?dl=0 Shortened link (if the above does not work): http://bit.ly/1SzLt9l ProjectPokemon Thread: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/sho...) I'm really sorry about the fuzziness in the latter half of this video. I used Xsplit to record this... and it's a piece of shit. Anyway, play this at 2x the speed if it bothers you. Idk how many Pokemon players want or care about this, but I've spent what little free time I had over the past 6-7 months creating this. It's a Pokemon save file you can open in any emulator, and it contains every single Pokemon, shiny, with legitimate stats, holding every legal ribbon it can own without looking hacked, having perfect IV's/EVs/ with Smogon competitive movesets. Basically anything you can possibly think of, it's on here. Surfing Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, Shiny Jirachi, all completely "legitimate" in the sense that it will pass all legality checkers and will transfer over to the newer generations without any red flags (except Pichu and Jirachi as I've explained in the video). I also gave the trainer 999 of every item, max money, etc etc. After months of grueling hard work, I've finally finished this and I am now releasing it to the public! Please ask me any questions in the comments down below or if you have any suggestions or need anything in this save to be fixed/edited.
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Pokemon 3DS Tutorial: How to remove restrictions in Battle Maison / Battle Tree!
Hi guys! It's finally here, the long awaited tutorial on how to lift the ban on ALL legendary Pokemon in versions X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon :) Now I only have the offsets for ORAS and SuMo, but for X/Y it is easy just go through every file in the /a / folder until you Ctrl + F the hex code of the Kaphotics binary (make sure you check off "Hex Code" or you will get massive apoplexy). This will allow you to use Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Arceus, Mega Rayquaza, Hoopa, Volcanion, etc in the Battle Tree and Battle Maison (for the full list of banned Pokemon, visit this link https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Maison#Restrictions https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Tree#Restrictions This tutorial will also show you how to remove the restriction on Soul Dew in X/Y/ORAS as well! Simply edit the initial list of item hex code... Everything can be found in this link: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/39258-solved-some-progress-i-mightve-made-in-removing-battle-maisonbattle-tree-restrictions-banlist/ DotNet3DS: https://github.com/evandixon/DotNet3dsToolkit/releases **NOTE** IN THIS VIDEO I USE THE DOTNET GUI, WHICH CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://github.com/evandixon/DotNet3dsToolkit/releases/tag/1.2.0 Initial introductory message: REMOVE BANNED POKEMON TUTORIAL!! (Works for Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS/Sun/Moon/UltraSun/UltraMoon) What you need: -Decrypted ROM of the game you want [I cannot provide this, sorry :( ] -Way to extract/rebuild ROM -Hex Editor! (I use HxD) -Way to play edited ROM: Citra 3DS (computer emulator), Luma3DS (Hacked 3DS), Gateway etc... Step 1: Unpack ROM, find /a folder Step 2: Hex-edit the GARC file containing banned Pokemon a/1/7/0 - GARC Location of ORAS a/1/3/7 - GARC Location of SM Step 3: Rebuild ROM :) Thanks to: Kaphotics and ABZB for helping me figure this one out :) Discord: https://discord.gg/bJ5QJj2
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Hacking Pokemon ORAS: Secrets ppl don't know about ;)
*UPDATE* Here is the exe file for your convenience. Thank you eduardoscorpio for suggesting this very simple and straightforward method lol: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4vm7i5fd4mn7l5q/PKHaX.exe?dl=0 Here's an updated tutorial on how to hack ORAS/X/Y! Long overdue, I've been trying to make this and it's taken half a year to get around to making it. I'm also really sorry that my nails are so long LOL. Also sorry I couldn't make this video any shorter. BTW, this video is rather technical and requires a bit of programming, but I've tried to water down most of it for you guys, so apologies for the apparent "dryness" of what I'm doing. I'm free to answer any of your questions in the comments as well as update this description with more up-to-date information :) How to: 1. 252 EVs in all stats (NO link battle, online OR offline, NO battle maison) 2. Permanent Megas/other Formes (NO save in party, NO offline local trade, YES Pokebank) 3. Change abilities (Mega evolve in wild battles = ability changes) 4. Obtain unreleased items (NO Pokebank, YES offline local trade) 5. Mix & Match #1-4 6. Gateway (Firmware 4-9.2) 7. Cyber Save Editor (Japanese ONLY) You NEED: 1. EITHER Gateway 3DS & Firmware 4-9.2 (very expensive, but let's you play other games/ROMs) OR Cyber Save Editor w/ Japanese game 2. If you're going Cyber/Japanese game, you need either... -Pokebank (can't transfer items to your normal game) -Japanese 3DS (DON'T NEED JAPANESE 3DS... but it helps. Here's why: a. Let's you do any of the above on Japanese 3DS/game [NOTE: You CAN play Japanese X/Y/ORAS in English!!!] b. You can trade items to your normal game c. LIMITATION: You CANNOT trade Permanent Megas Links: PKHeX program (created by Kaphotics): http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?36986-PKHeX-(Gen-6-SAV-PKX-Editor) PKHeX Source Code (click "Download ZIP"): https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX Visual Studio 2013: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs.aspx Modded CyberGadget Program (created by SciresM): http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?42648-Modified-CyberGadget-3DS-Save-Editor-for-use-with-PKHeX-(ORAS-Support-added-11-26-2014) Thanks again for checking out my videos! And credit to YT user Patricio for your sound advice and feedback and for giving me the final push to getting around to editing/publishing this video.
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Pokemon Sun and Moon 100% Save File, All Pokemon Shiny BR Legal (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)
*DISCLAIMER*: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Moon save but can be used on Sun if modded using PKHeX (afaik). This save file has the Elite Four already beaten. It contains MOST every Pokemon in the game THAT WE KNOW OF. *WARNING*: Because the game does not yet support transferring previous generation games, all the Pokemon you see in these boxes are NOT YET ALLOWED. As the game just came out, do not expect this save file to be 100% polished. I will likely not be recommended for you to go online with these Pokemon until the January update. Use PKHeX to make any additional edits if you'd like. *As of 11/18* PKHeX does not support all ribbons (I had to get all the Sun & Moon ribbons myself). AGAIN: Please check back here for updates, as this is an ongoing project. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/njsjjn7fgufyxae/main?dl=0 TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/z7tpx75 *LATEST UPDATE 12/2/16* - MAJOR UPDATE! We now have EVERY Fully Evolved Pokemon in Alolan Dex, Shiny BR w/ all 4 Ribbons & Pokerus including Older Pokemon! (along with every other pokemon) - Added Magearna! - Beat Gary and trainer is now at the Battle Tree! - Boxes 1-31 are FULL! (w/ 1-24 transfer), Box 32 is all hacked (kek) 11/24/16 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! As of today, ALL Fully Evolved/Legendary/Tapu/Ultra Beasts Gen 7 Pokemon are BATTLE READY! Unless they're shiny-locked, they will be shiny. All have max ribbons, pokerus, and WILL trade/go online! ANYTHING in Box 1-24 (including Volcanion) are unreleased so will NOT be available for trade but SHOULD be after Gen 6 transfer support. - Max items (including TM's, Berries, etc). x999 - Bunch of legal/legit Battle Ready 'mons in Box 29 & 30, including Greninja, Starmie, Snorlax, Dragonite, Alakazam, Cloyster, Magnemite, Ditto, Ninetales (lvl 30), & Metagross - Ignore Boxes 31 & 32. Some are legit, many aren't lol SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8
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[Clash Royale] Royal Arena Value Pack (Arena 7) - LEGENDARY??
As I announced on Twitch, I will be taking Friday mornings off to stream. My schedule is 1 hour of Royale, 1 hour Pokemon, and 1 hour Magic (MTG). Because my primary focus is medical school and studying, I may or may not upload to YouTube however, though I thought a Clash Royale video was long overdue (not my main game my viewers watch). I've been watching a lot of Clash Royale, it's all I ever watch whenever I go on YouTube. BTW, I was about to say towards the end "They just reset the season" that's why I'm at exactly 4000 trophies lol. If anyone knows of a good clan to join where there will always be someone to do Friendly Battles with, please let me know!
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[Tutorial] Permanent Mega Pokemon & Bypassing 510 EV Threshold: 6th Gen Hackmons in X/Y! ...Harmful?
[DISCLAIMER: CHEATING ON WI-FI IS WRONG (I don't even know if you can do it, I haven't bothered to try)] This is Part 2 of this first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAGH55kcGsA PKHeX Source Code: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX SciresM's Modified Cyber Save Editor 3DS: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?42648-Modified-CyberGadget-3DS-Save-Editor-for-use-with-PKHeX Any C# compiler SHOULD work, but many don't. Visual Studio 2010/2013 is confirmed to compile the source code. I used XSplit to record this and I don't have my Yeti mic w/ me, so sorry for the shit audio lol. I also don't know how to zoom in on a specific region of the screen, so you might have to go full screen. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask. After doing this tutorial I learned that I suck at explaining things, and I am much better at typing than talking. Maybe I'm just being hard on myself. Treat the comment section as a discussion thread open to a debate on hacking pokemon. Should it be allowed even if you are not using these pokemon to take advantage of anyone else? What right does a guy on the other side of the world w/ a keyboard have to insult you if you want to beat the elite 4 fifty times with a Wonder Guard Spiritomb or Huge Power Slaking? Lots of haters out there, but I want to welcome a serious discussion for all of us. If it goes well, I might open this discussion to some of my other videos.
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[Mario Kart DS] Figure-8 Circuit, Beat Nintendo Staff Ghost - 1:36:236
First time I ever beat anything in MKDS. Hoping to learn more strats next time I stream. If I get good, hopefully I can attempt sub 1:20. PLEASE, if you play this game, PLEASE tell me what I can do to improve b/c right now I really suck. FYI, taking a break from Pokemon ORAS for now. I might come back to it in a month or so, but I've recently gotten really interested in the Mario Kart series. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Unboxing (Metallic Collection Gold)
One thing I forgot to mention about these is that there IS a headphone jack on the headphones if you want to listen to anything through a wire. There is also a micro USB port on the headphones for you to charge the batteries. The piece of tape that I suggested "protected the logo" was actually buttons you could push on the headphones themselves to adjust the volume as well as connect to bluetooth. Thanks for watching!
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[shitty audio] Pokemon White 2 Save 649 Shiny Competitive Pokebank + Events + All Items (Gen V)
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4445oi7amdnnww/isleep2late%27s%20White2%20Save%20to%20Save%20ALL%20Saves.sav?dl=0 Shortened link (in case above does not work): http://bit.ly/1TnTZIu I APOLOGIZE FOR THE SHITTY AUDIO QUALITY. I'm living in this broken down apartment without any of my recording equipment, so expect the audio to continue sucking until July. This is isleep2late's Gen V save file! It contains every Pokemon in the Pokedex, shiny (unless it is shiny locked), perfect stats, competitive movesets based off Smogon's website! If the Pokemon were transferred from a previous game, it will have all legal ribbons from that game as well! I also included many exclusive Event Pokemon with moves it can't normally learn, including Surfing Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, V-create Rayquaza, Octazooka Sableye, Hydro Pump Magikarp, and much much more! Please enjoy and sorry again for the terrible audio. KazoWar's collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U2E1gcVd3U&lc SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8 This is an ongoing project and I will constantly be updating this save file and others as I see errata. Please notify me either in the comments down below or in Private Message if there is a mistake in the Save File or you would like something changed. If you enjoy the content I create, you can subscribe to my channel, follow me on Twitch ( https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late ) and Twitter ( https://twitter.com/isleep2late ) and check out my other videos!
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[MTGO] Legacy Twin vs Eldrazi (Splinter Twin Exarch Deck Tech!)
Here's a sweet legacy deck I've been working on, inspired by the handful of Twin decks that have made an appearance on Top 8 lists across major Legacy events! I do a deck tech as well as a feature match against another one of our beloved banned Modern decks and currently one of the best decks in Legacy, Eldrazi :) [Sorry about the fuzziness in the middle of the video. I really need to figure out how to fix that] Hope you guys enjoy this video! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and follow me at twitch.tv/isleep2late !
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Spending $600 on Clash Royale! Buying Gems
Hi everyone! This is a video of me buying gems at the shop lol. Stay tuned! I'm going to be producing a lot more Pokemon-related videos in the near future. But I did want to get this one out of the way as I state my intention to max out my account while donating charitably to SuperCell
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Dark Magician Girl Test Print Unboxing
This is the purchasing of an $880 uncut test print of the G3-11 Dark Magician Girl. I want to thank a fan named alex for helping me find this gem! I have made several videos on this card, but this is the first "beta" edition of any Yugioh card I have ever purchased. I've also purchased a previous gold and silver coin of Dark Magician Girl from this store. Aside from the $7K Yu-Gi-Oh! purchase, this has got to be one of the rarest collectibles I have ever had the privilege of finding. There are anywhere from 200-400 Dark Magician Girl Secret Rare G3-11's in the world, but there are probably even less of these. I don't believe I will ever get the opportunity to find another one like it. More information on the G3-11 Dark Magician Girl and the gold/silver coing can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnsCFkzV9nI As of now, their official website is unavailable, so here is the link to the store's eBay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/card_collectors For a more complete (but outdated) update on my COMPLETE Dark Magician Girl collection, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKjJQUlofdY&list=PLXyl_Iq-8Ggm0khDsUVlF8bpGigHk-0oe&index=2 Thanks for watching and Believe in the Heart of the Cards!
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Final Round of EDH Cockatrice Tournament! $100 to 1st place winner!
Sorry for the dead air in the beginning guys! But here is the last segment of the tournament stream. The Final Championship round of the September 1st 2018 EDH Cockatrice Tournament! In this last pod, we see AstralCodex on TnT Bomberman, Spleenface on Muldrotha, SickRobot on DNV, and Sugarandaraja on Breya Consultation. Just wanted to say it was a blast hosting this tournament and what a fantastic replay! The game ended up turning intoa Gilded Drake war and "whoever has Jin-Gitaxias wins the game", and hopefully this will be a final to remember. Hope you enjoyed this final round! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/isleep2late
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Pokemon SoulSilver Save 493 Shiny Competitive Legit + Events [READ DESCRIPTION]
Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yfmkgsbz79w0hz/isleep2late%27s%20SoulSilver%20Save%20to%20End%20All%20Saves.sav?dl=0 Shortened link (in case above doesn't work): http://bit.ly/1U97ZrN I forgot to mention that Soul Silver has an exclusive feature called "Shiny Leaf". I also gave every Pokemon all the shiny leaves including the sought-after Crown Leaf. These leaves are exclusive to HeartGold / SoulSilver and get erased when traded outside of these two games. Just to reiterate: Every Pokemon is shiny except for shiny-locked Pokemon such as Celebi and Arceus as well as Event Pokemon. Each Pokemon was given a Smogon moveset or competitive moveset/held item, every legal ribbon it can possibly have (including Gen 3 ribbons if it was transferred from GBA), Pokerus, All the box markings, all the shiny leaves, Perfect IVs (or near perfect for Hidden Power), and are fully EV trained. Pokemon not fully evolved are set to level 5 for Little Cup or level 50 for Middle Cup. This allows you to evolve the Pokemon should you want to. If you enjoy these saves and would like to support me, feel free to leave a like, subscribe to my channel, and follow me on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/isleep2late SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8 PS: MY NEXT PROJECT IS GEN V (White 2 save). If you would like to contribute/volunteer your time, send me a PM/message or comment down below and I will credit you in my next Save file release video :)
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Foiled Out EDH/Commander! Talrand, Sky Summoner (Pimped out Deck Tech)
Credit to Leifkicker for the awesome deckbox! Check out his website at http://www.leifkicker.com/ and my video unboxing of his product at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sDJeAraBB8 I spent a lot of time putting this together. I hope you enjoy! Also, I didn't mention it in the video, but I have yet to lose a game of EDH playing Talrand :P Let alone this particular version. Here is the complete decklist: Instant (42) 1x Anticipate 1x Boomerang 1x Brainstorm 1x Capsize 1x Complicate 1x Condescend 1x Confound 1x Counterspell 1x Cryptic Command 1x Cyclonic Rift 1x Daze 1x Dig Through Time 1x Dismiss 1x Disrupt 1x Exclude 1x Fact or Fiction 1x Forbid 1x Force of Will 1x Force Spike 1x Gush 1x Impulse 1x Mana Drain 1x Mana Leak 1x Memory Lapse 1x Mental Misstep 1x Miscalculation 1x Misdirection 1x Mystic Confluence 1x Mystical Tutor 1x Opt 1x Pact of Negation 1x Pongify 1x Psionic Blast 1x Pull from Tomorrow 1x Rapid Hybridization 1x Remand 1x Spell Burst 1x Spell Pierce 1x Stifle 1x Think Twice 1x Vapor Snag 1x Withdraw Sorcery (13) 1x Ancestral Vision 1x Bribery 1x Deep Analysis 1x Distant Melody 1x Gitaxian Probe 1x Merchant Scroll 1x Mystic Speculation 1x Preordain 1x Rise from the Tides 1x Serum Visions 1x Sleight of Hand 1x Timetwister 1x Treasure Cruise Creature (4) 1x Gilded Drake 1x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Flip 1x Snapcaster Mage 1x Torrential Gearhulk Artifact (1) 1x Sol Ring Planeswalker (1) 1x Jace, the Mind Sculptor Land (36) 1x Ancient Tomb 1x Cephalid Coliseum 1x Flooded Strand 20x Island 1x Mishra's Factory 1x Misty Rainforest 1x Mutavault 1x Polluted Delta 1x Riptide Laboratory 1x Scalding Tarn 5x Snow-Covered Island 1x Strip Mine 1x Wasteland
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Crystal Save File: All 251 Pokemon, Shiny Competitive Legit + Events + All Items [DOWNLOAD LINK]
Pokemon Crystal: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f6nqdyutogtkuv3/AAAgyEDCx5n9y_y-ltgvclk6a?dl=0 Shortened Download Link (in case above link doesn't work): http://bit.ly/1ShPikm I've also included .pkm files of all the Pokemon in this box, so you can import them into your own private save! This is a Pokemon Crystal Save file containing every Pokemon in the Pokedex with competitive movesets mostly taken from Smogon and Pokerus. I also made them shiny with the exception of Mew (Mew is shiny locked so you cannot legitimately get a shiny mew) and any Pokemon that requires a particular Hidden Power. Shininess is determined by IV's (in gen II they are called DV's) so every Pokemon in this game that is shiny will NOT have perfect stats, BUT will have pretty close to perfect stats. It is impossible to include every single item due to the limit of item slots in bag + box. So I only included those relevant items that actually matter. I want to thank you for checking out my save. Sorry there's no mic, my audio really sucks when I don't have my equipment around. I want to thank all the people I mentioned in the Text of this video and if you enjoy these saves don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to my channel! Here are some of my other saves: SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8
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Proof that trading hacked eggs DOES NOT WORK
*UDATE* - This video was created before Volcanion was released, so Volcanion and Hoopa CAN be traded, BUT THEY STILL CAN'T BE TRADED IN AN EGG!!! PLEASE DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY PEOPLE WHO OFFER YOU VOLCANION OR HOOPA EGGS. This video was created because many people were under the impression that, if you hack a Pokemon and turn it into an egg, you can somehow bypass the legality checker built in to the system. This video is designed to bust that myth. If I could trade Volcanion and Hoopa, I honestly would. I would do giveaways every week and everyone would be happy. Nevertheless, if you would like a Volcanion or Hoopa, I can offer you this tutorial on how to obtain one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAGH55kcGsA
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BEST way to gamble: Sure-fire method to win money
Over the weekend I went to Atlantic City and walked out of the casinos $110 richer than I was. Even though that's not a TON of money compared to you high-rollers I thought I'd introduce something that many people might not be aware of: the martingale betting system. While there are a ton of videos on this I'm sure, I'd like to run some of the numbers for you, honing in on the situation where you have about $1000 to gamble with and your goal is to win $100. The conclusion of this podcast is that there is a 96.4% chance for you to win $20 if you were to go to a Craps table and martingale on the Don't Pass Line (in my opinion, the safest bet to make with better odds than a color on Roulette).
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Showcasing Hacked Pokemon! Part 5: Delta Episode Revisited
Welcome to another episode of Showcasing Hacked Pokemon! In this video I feature an original Rayquaza set I made that I consider to be extremely powerful! Here it is: "Rayzorqua" (NOT in it's mega form) Simple, Lonely, Focus Sash 252 Attack, 252 Special Attack, 4 Speed Shell Smash Dragon Ascent Spacial Rend Stored Power The idea behind this set is to use Shell Smash while Rayquaza still has Simple, take a hit while holding Focus Sash, and then sweep with Stored Power (Base 260 attack after one Shell Smash boost). Dragon Ascent is there so you can mega evolve and benefit from a second ability (Delta Stream), and Spacial Rend is for your second STAB. Honorable mention to: Moody Arceus, Contrary Hoopa, Imposter Pikachu, Fur Coat Latios, Choice Scarf Kyogre My opponent's team: Huge Power/Pure Power Slaking/Mewtwo X, Sturdy Shedinja, Imposter Chansey, No Guard Deoxys-S, Parental Bond Arceus Enjoy the show, and thank you for watching!
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Installed a DS Capture Board! Thanks Loopy!
http://3dscapture.com/ds/ So I failed miserably at making a video of myself installing it, so that's why the end of the video is just a slideshow of some of the pics my dad took. I forgot the guy's name but the person who does the capture cards for both 3DS and DS is loopy, so definitely check him out.
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THANKS FOR 1K+ SUBSCRIBERS! (Incl. Pokemon Yellow Save File DOWNLOAD LINK) - All Saves FINISHED!
Gen 1 Yellow Save File (INCLUDES: 151 Perfect, Competitive Pokemon, "ALL" items, Max Money + Casino Coins, "Event" Mew, Surfing Pikachu, "Flying" Pikachu, "Dragon Rage" Magikarp (" ": Japanese only events non-transferrable to US game, hacked ENG distribution), & LEGIT untouched Mew confirmed by ProjectPokemon and other sources): https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwxy1zjwmohhf5n/I%27m%20the%20Yellowest%20of%20the%20Yellowest.sav?dl=0 Link shortener (in case the above doesn't work): http://bit.ly/1rqxJ8e I want to thank you guys for 1000+ Subscribers! I can't believe how far my YT channel has come, and it's all because of you guys, my viewers! I am also updating some of my other save files. Here are some of the changes: Gen 3: Fixed Lunatone, changed "Odor Sleuth" to "Lock-On" for the Shedinja/Ninjask hackmons (didn't know that Odor Sleuth wasn't the same as Lock-On, whoops!) Gen 4: Fixed Lunatone and a bunch of other random errata Gen 6: Gave Ribbons to ALL pokemon in Giveaway boxes! All Pokemon should now be COMPLETE with all ribbons! The only exception is Volcanion, which can be found under "Experimental PC" as well as the Surfing/Flying Pikachu. Will probably add ribbons to Volcanion, but maybe later. SAVE DIRECTORY: [Gen VI] Alpha Sapphire Save: https://youtu.be/n-csGGbJLHE [Gen V] White 2 Save File: https://youtu.be/nWitQzV5d0M [Gen IV] Soul Silver Save: https://youtu.be/AIpiLviTb68 [Gen III] Fire Red Save: https://youtu.be/Ei8Z0H7cK30 [Gen II] Crystal Save: https://youtu.be/PK-q6Z1y8O4 [Gen I] Yellow Save: https://youtu.be/cbnEblBldf8 Credits: Criticofus's Save: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwGZcpuoj7o DinoZambas's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DinoZambas2
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